VisiDome Appears in IATI Feature Article

Editor’s note: The original article appeared in Hebrew.

IATI Meets VisiDome: Seeing Near and Far

(21 February 2017)

IATI logoEvery day we look at screens or readers, or drive … It’s natural for us to change our visual focus continuously at varying distances. The eye’s lens ‘knows’ how to ‘take orders’ directly from the brain. These abilities are completely lost by many people who have had cataract surgery. Surgery is performed by removing the natural lens and implanting an artificial lens in its place. The artificial lenses, known as intraocular lenses, restore visual acuity and quality; in most cases, they restore distance vision, creating a strong dependency on glasses.

‘This situation is the preferable course compared to a complete loss of vision,’ says Nir Eliaz, CEO of VisiDome, ‘but still a partial solution. There is a strong need for a complete restoration of the ability to focus. … Even multifocal intraocular lenses are not a complete solution. Implantation requires careful screening of patients in order to ensure a good fit, and the quality of vision may still be less compared to ordinary lenses.

Read the full article on the IATI website (Hebrew).

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