ViAqua Featured in Article on Innovative Research

Ed. note: ViAqua was among the technologies featured in the nrg article on innovative research. The article was published in Hebrew.

Innovative Research: Will There be a Cancer Vaccination Soon?

By Yael (Freund) Avraham, nrg


Shrimp in Kindergarten


Black-eyed shrimp stand to benefit from ViAqua’s vaccine against viruses.

“In the ‘waters’ of the start-up ViAqua Therapeutics swim black-eyed shrimp. The customers for the Company [which is part of Trendlines Agtech] are in Europe and Asia. CEO and Co-Founder Shai Einbinder, a marine biologist, and CTO and Co-Founder Shai Ufaz, a molecular biologist, explain that in this case shrimp do not model a person, but rather take on the role of a patient.

“Just like children who [get every disease] when they start kindergarten, shrimp respond with multiple diseases when they make the transition from the open sea to crowded fisheries. This is a very big problem for humanity, considering that shrimp feed billions of people and are one of the major sources of protein in Asia (“the main source,” says one Shai). Shrimp can not protect itself against new diseases (“they have no parents to take care of them,” the second Shai adds), so a country like the Philippines remains powerless in its attempts to supply the consumer.

“Now, here come the Israeli scientists, who adapted technology developed for humans and developed a vaccine that will protect shrimp against viruses.”

Read the full article on nrg (Hebrew).

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