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Letter from the CEO

Eran Feldhay

Eran Felhay, CEO, Trendlines Medical

Medtech and the Art of Long-Distance Running

Recently, Israel gained distinction as a world leader in three different medical-related areas: the number of innovations that can dramatically change our quality of life, the number of medical device patents, and the number of scientists involved in stem cell research.

What many people may not realize is the arduous process that occurs behind the scenes in producing a medical device: Years of R&D, numerous trials and patent filings, and complicated regulatory procedures. Like training for a long-distance run, medtech development demands planning, stamina, and determination to deal with the ups and downs and the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel.

At Misgav, we understand the process — and the feelings. We’re equipped with the knowledge and experience (and patience) to support our entrepreneurs in going the distance to achieve success.

  • In March, we showcased five companies during our successful Medtech U.S. Road Show. We traversed the country at events that generated serious interest. These companies have pushed themselves through some challenging steps to reach — and pass — important milestones. Now, we’re working together to help them get to the finish line and prepare for market.
  • Our booth at IATI Biomed 2013 (June 10-12, Tel Aviv) will present all our portfolio companies and their medical technologies to encourage development and growth, and to help reach key commercialization milestones.

We are always eager to hear from medical technology entrepreneurs who are starting their long-distance run.

Contact me to learn more about how Misgav can help you cross the finish line.

Best regards,

Eran Feldhay
CEO, Trendlines Medical

Latest News from Our Portfolio Companies

  • ETView Receives Approval To Market in China  In March 2013, ETView Medical announced it received SFDA approval (Chinese Food and Drug Administration) to market and distribute VivaSight-SL in China. The company will begin marketing and distributing the single-lumen endotracheal tube with embedded imaging system immediately through SINOPHARM, the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation.
  • ApiFix Receives CE Mark and Achieves Clinical Success  ApiFix recently received the CE mark for its minimally invasive  system for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). Making waves in multiple media channels, the novel ratchet-based system minimizes the risk to the patient, reduces pain and scarring, and speeds up the recovery process. In other news from ApiFix: The company completed a successful pilot clinical trial in Europe, during which implants were performed in patients suffering from AIS. “Within three months, we achieved impressive results that demonstrate the implant’s safety and success in correcting the curvature,” notes Uri Arnin, ApiFix CEO.
  • Stimatix Seeks Partner in $2 Billion Stoma Market  The colostomy product developed by Stimatix GI presents a breakthrough for patients who have undergone surgery to cut or remove the colon or ileum as a treatment to combat cancer, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease. The device gives stoma patients much more freedom and significantly improves their quality of life, unlike other products on the market. In a 30-patient trial nearing completion, the Stimatix colostomy device has performed extremely well. The company now seeks a partner to help compete in a $2 billion market.
  • Virtual Ports Signs Agreement with Encision  Encision Inc. announced this month it signed an agreement with Virtual Ports for exclusive distribution rights to Virtual Ports’ laparoscopic organ retraction products in the United States.

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