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The Trendlines Medical Singapore team (l to r) Lionel Lim, Eric Loh, Eunice Chew, Evelynn Chong

The Trendlines Medical Singapore team (l to r): Lionel Lim (Director, Business Ventures), Eric Loh (CEO), Eunice Chew (Manager, Business Development), Evelynn Chong (Manager, Finance & Operations). Not pictured: Aimely Eu (Operations Executive) and Christina Tong (Entrepreneur-in-Residence).

Trendlines Medical Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a medical technology start-up incubator established in 2016 by The Trendlines Group and B. Braun, one of the world’s leading global medical device players. Read the announcement.

Trendlines Medical Singapore is Trendlines’ 3rd start-up incubator, joining Israel-based incubators Trendlines Medical and Trendlines Agtech.

Trendlines Medical Singapore operates similarly to Trendlines Medical (Israel) as it discovers, invests in, incubates and provides a range of services to nurture and develop Singapore-based entrepreneurs and start-up companies involved in novel medical devices and technologies with a view toward success in the global market.

Singapore’s strong scientific base, supported by internationally acclaimed universities and research institutes and an excellent infrastructure of hospitals and health care providers, create opportunities to develop successful medical technology companies. The primary sources for innovative technologies will therefore be from Singapore universities, research institutes, hospitals, and entrepreneurs. Trendlines Medical Singapore may also start companies that fully operate from Singapore but are based on technologies that are not necessarily originated in Singapore – including (possibly) technologies developed by Trendlines Labs, which is Trendlines’ in-house innovation center.

Trendlines Medical Singapore is an “intense” investor. From the time of its initial investment, the Trendlines Medical Singapore team is intensely involved in its portfolio companies by supporting technology development, business development, market and commercialization strategies, funding strategies, finance, and marketing communications.

Eric Loh is the CEO of Trendlines Medical Singapore. For information, contact Eric Loh.

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