Trendlines Medical Singapore makes first investment

Medical start-up InterVaal addresses catheter-associated urinary tract infection.

Trendlines Medical Singapore has invested in medical device start-up, InterVaal, which represents the first investment made by Trendlines Medical Singapore.

Eric Loh, CEO Trendlines Medical Singapore

Trendlines Medical Singapore CEO Eric Loh welcomes guests to the Company’s opening ceremony in February 2017.

InterVaal is developing a urological catheter to address the widespread problem of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). CAUTI accounts for 32% of all hospital-associated infections worldwide1. Trendlines’ in-house innovation unit, Trendlines Labs, will work with InterVaal’s Singapore-based staff to develop the catheter and conduct clinical trials in Singapore.

CEO Trendlines Medical Singapore Eric Loh, said, “It is apt that our first investment involves the collaboration of the best minds in Israel and Singapore to develop a new urological catheter targeted to address CAUTI, a global health care concern.  The use of urological catheters is projected to increase significantly in Asia, especially driven by our aging population. This novel technology — invented by Trendlines Labs — combined with the strong clinical infrastructure of Singapore, makes us confident that InterVaal’s unique CAUTI solution will play a key role in the US$3 billion urinary catheter market.2

Chairman and CEO of The Trendlines Group and Chairman of Trendlines Medical Singapore Todd Dollinger, added, “InterVaal is truly a breakthrough development that we expect will substantially reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. We are very excited that our first Trendlines Medical Singapore investment so perfectly serves our mission of creating and developing companies to improve the human condition. Our InterVaal investment is just the first of what we believe will be many investments in Singapore that will benefit from our business strategy of intense involvement in our portfolio companies. All our companies are housed in our facilities in Israel or Singapore for at least their first two to three years, so our staff can be fully involved in both technology and business development challenges to help bring our companies quickly to market.”

Singapore’s infrastructure is well positioned,” adds Dollinger, “to support the development of novel medical devices that address pervasive problems affecting patients worldwide. Our InterVaal investment brings technology from our in-house Israel-based innovation unit, Trendlines Labs, to our Singapore incubator. Our investment approach is designed to take advantage of technologies from Singapore and the region with the objective to invest in extraordinary innovation-based medical technology solutions that address global unmet clinical needs.  We have been successful in doing precisely this in our Israel incubators, and I am confident that Trendlines Medical Singapore will be an important contributor to Singapore, the region, and The Trendlines Group.”

Read the full announcement (PDF).

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
2 Transparency Market Research Report, July 2017.

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