Trendlines Labs to collaborate with Singapore General Hospital and SIIRD

Trendlines Labs, in partnership with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), will receive a grant from Singapore Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (SIIRD) for the development and clinical trial for its stress urinary incontinence (SUI) product. The 50 women in the trial, which is expected to start mid-2017 at SGH, will provide feedback on the product. SIIRD is providing up to 50% of the US$400,000 required to fund the final product development and clinical trial.

Trendlines Labs, the in-house innovation center of The Trendlines Group, focuses on inventing technologies and products to meet critical unmet market needs. It has developed a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical solution to mitigate SUI, a condition that affects approximately 15 million women in the United States alone. The device will provide women who suffer from SUI with a simple-to-use, self-administered home treatment.

In the framework of the collaboration agreement, Trendlines Labs and SGH will work together using the technology developed by the Trendlines Labs’ team to implement the clinical trial at the SGH facilities, where the management and collection of clinical data will take place. At commercialization of the device, both bodies in the agreement will enjoy royalties from the development.

B. Braun-Trendlines Medical Singapore-Singapore Gen. Hosp. Dept. of Urology visit -- Trendlines Labs stress urinary incontinence project

B. Braun Senior VP Eric Samson (center, left) visits the Department of Urology at Singapore General Hospital, the clinical partner for the stress urinary incontinence (SUI) project and trial. Trendlines Labs developed the SUI device. Pictured (l to r): Trendlines Medical Singapore CEO Eric Loh, Senior Consultant, Dept. of Urology Dr. Ng Lay Guat, Eric Samson, Trendlines Chairman and CEO Todd Dollinger,Consultant, Dept. of Urology Dr. Tricia Kuo, Senior Manager, Medical Technology Office, SingHealth Dr. Cheong Wai Chye.

SGH is the first and largest hospital in Singapore. It is wholly owned by the government of Singapore and the flagship hospital of the country’s public healthcare system. SGH seeks to bring its patients new and better care and therapies through research.

Yosi Hazan, CEO of Trendlines Labs, comments: “We’re excited to test our SUI device and gain valuable clinical feedback to assist in further development of the product. We hope this partnership with SGH and SIIRD will be a springboard for future projects.” Mr Chan Eng Chye, GM SIIRD, remarked: “We are pleased to support this joint research effort and partnership between Trendlines Labs and SGH to strengthen their capabilities in bringing an important medical device to the market. We look forward to supporting more collaborative R&D projects between medtech companies from Israel and Singapore.”


Editor’s note: News of the collaboration appeared in The Times of Israel.

Trendlines gets grant for urinary incontinence device

Israeli innovator, along with Singapore hospital, is developing self-administered product to act as “shock absorber”

By Shoshanna Solomon, The Times of Israel (3 April 2017)

Trendlines Labs is to receive a grant from the Singapore Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (SIIRD) for the development and clinical trial of its stress urinary incontinence (SUI) product, which is being developed in partnership with the Singapore General Hospital.

The 50 women in the trial, expected to start mid-2017 at the hospital, will provide feedback on the product. The foundation will provide up to 50 percent of the $400,000 the partners need to fund the final product development and clinical trial.

Trendlines Labs stress urinary incontinence device

At the press of a button, a small, pre-defined amount of gas is released into the bladder to generate immediate relief.

Read the full article on the Times of Israel.

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