Interview with Trendlines in Asia Fund Space

Editor’s note: This interview was reprinted in etnet news.

Interview: Living with Lumpiness No Liability for Trendlines

Asia Fund Space (12 August 2016)

Israeli incubator The Trendlines Group Ltd. (SGX: TTGL) is able to absorb a few lackluster quarters given the nature of its private equity business, and shareholders also understand the metrics at play, executives told Asia Fund Space.

Israel, an ancient civilization with millennia of history but only 68 years of modern statehood, is one of the global powerhouses in the incubator sector, and has the world’s highest percentage of spending on R&D — 4.8% — or nearly a nickel on the dollar.


Trendlines management

Trendlines senior management with Hang Chang Chieh and Stephen Haslett, our Singaporean board members. Left to right: Moshe Katzenelseon, Yossi Ron, Yosi Hazan, Judith Kleinman, Nitza Kardish, Hang Chang Chieh, Todd Dollinger, Steve Rhodes, Stephen Haslett, Gabi Heller, Eran Feldhay.

Asia Fund Space: Regarding your April-June financial results, were they within expectations, an upside or downside surprise, and why/why not?

Mr. Todd Dollinger, Chairman & CEO, The Trendlines Group; Chairman, Trendlines Medical:

Trendlines results are event-driven and, therefore, lumpy.

As the fundraising process and the pace of technological/commercial development tends to vary at different portfolio companies, portfolio value fluctuates over short timeframes.

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