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Editor’s note: Trendlines has appeared in a number of Asian publications.

The Motley Fool (Singapore)

An Investor’s Dive into the Trendlines Group Ltd

By James Yeo, The Motley Fool (29 Feb 2016)

It’s not news that Singapore’s stock market has been a tough place to be for investors over the past few months.

But for investors in one of the market’s newer stocks, the experience has been worse. Since its listing on 16 November 2015 at a price of S$0.33, Trendlines Group Ltd (SGX: 42T) has seen its shares lose 36% of their value, falling to S$0.21 as of last Friday. In fact, shares of Trendlines were sitting on a decline of a much as 60% at their lowest price of S$0.133 within that block of time.
An introduction
For some background, Trendlines is  a start-up incubator in Israel helping out with young companies that are mainly involved with medical or agricultural technologies. What Trendlines does is to take a stake in these young start-ups and help to nurture them until they are mature enough for Trendlines’ exit plans to take hold. Read the full article.

The EdgeSingapore

Incubator Trendlines Looks to Partnerships, Says Expansion on Track Amid Selldown

edge-singaporeBy Amy Tan,  (12 Feb 2016)

Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan is well known as the home of the world’s largest diamond exchange. But Catalist-listed The Trendlines Group is on the lookout for a different kind of diamond in the rough. Its Agtech facility in this Israeli city provides a space for the incubation of early-stage companies in the field of agricultural technology. Here, Trendlines’ investee companies receive training on how to present their pitch and advice on how to fine-tune their business ideas. Read the full article (PDF).


Editor’s note: LianHe ZaoBao is a widely read, well-known newspaper in China, Singapore, and other parts of Asia.

LianHe ZaoBao

No ‘Excuse Me’ in Start-Up Nation 

Chew Boon Leong (9 Feb 2016)

zaobao-ismail-interview This article featured Trendlines and the 6th Annual Showcase in the first few paragraphs, highlighting Steak TzarTzar and EdenShield. “Very impressed by some of the portfolio companies and the business model.” The remainder of the article examined the start-up culture in Israel compared to Singapore’s lack the risk-taking attitude, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. Read the full article (Chinese PDF).

The Number of Companies Listed on SGX Catalist (the Junior Board of SGX) increases by 40% in the Past Five Years

By Chew Boon Leong(2 Feb 2016)

Trendlines was mentioned in this interview with Mohamed Nasser Ismail of the SGX, when he talked about the new IPOs last year. He said, “SGX looks to attract more Israeli companies as many of them are technology companies of relatively small size but with good growth potential. As we are promoting innovation spirit and entrepreneurship in Singapore, we expect these Israeli companies will bring Singapore a feel of Silicon Valley.” Read the full article (Chinese).

Channel News Asia

Asian IPO Outlook 2016 aired on Channel News Asia (16 Jan 2016). The segment on Trendlines starts at 2:52. It is in English.

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