Trendlines Featured in The Marker

Editor’s note: Trendlines was the subject of two feature articles in The Marker, an Israeli business newspaper. Both articles were originally published in Hebrew.

What Did the Investors Find on the Singapore Stock Exchange in a Small Israeli Technology Incubator

Trendlines article in The Marker

Trendlines and its Chairman and CEO Todd Dollinger were featured in The Marker.

By Shelly Appelberg, The Marker (March 8, 2016)

Trendlines, the operators of two high-tech incubators — and investors in 46 start-ups in medical devices and agriculture — raised S$28 million in Singapore. Todd Dollinger, of the incubator management:  “Israel was not an option in our opinion — raises in Tel Aviv only interfere with our negotiations in selling companies”

Israel’s image at the Start-Up Nation and high-tech superpower helps Israeli entrepreneurs from time to time to raise capital from distant countries. What is not exactly clear is how much those investors know and understand in what they are actually investing … .

The biomed and agriculture incubators of Trendlines, located in the Misgav region in the Galilee, are a good example of this. About three months ago, the Trendlines raised about $27.5 million on the Singapore stock exchange at a company valuation of close to $90 million.  Read the full article (Hebrew PDF).

After Singapore IPO: Trendlines’ Portfolio Valued at $84.5 Million

By Shelly Appelberg, The Marker (March 3, 2016)

Sounding the gong for the opening of trading.

Sounding the gong at Trendlines’ opening day of trading on the Singapore Stock Exchange, November 26, 2015.

Three months ago, Trendlines completed an IPO on the Singapore Stock Exchange at a company valuation of close to $90 million.

Trendlines was founded in 2007 and has 46 portfolio companies in medicine and agriculture, and is managed by Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes (Chairman and CEOs). The Company canceled a planned $20 million IPO on the Toronto exchange last year. Instead, the Company was able to raise approximately $39 million on the other side of the globe.

Three months later, the incubator has a market cap of S$106.8 million Singapore, or about US$76 million. In the last three months, the share turnover enjoyed an average of $3.8 million a day. The 2015 financial report, which was released a few days ago, showed that Trendlines showed an increase of 11.7% in the value of its investment in its portfolio companies, reaching $84.5 million. Read the full article in The Marker (Hebrew).

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