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Trendlines eyes partnerships for new incubators, expansions of deal flows

By Benny Tan, TheEdge Singapore (13 June 2016)

David Todd Dollinger, co-chairman and co-CEO of The Trendlines Group, has a formula for assessing fledgling businesses. “No 1 is people. No 2 is markets. No 3 is technology,” he says. “It’s all about the people.” More than anything else, Trendlines wants to back someone “who is passionate about what they are proposing.” Of course, even the most passionate people will not succeed unless there is a market for what they want to do. “So, we are really focused on the market opportunities, Dollinger says. “And, only after that, do we care so much about the technology.”

Todd Dollinger interview in TheEdge Singapore

“It’s all about the people,” says Trendlines Chairman and CEO Todd Dollinger in this interview with TheEdge Singapore.

Trendlines screens about 500 deals each year, but looks to invest in only about eight to 10 of them. It then becomes deeply involved with these investee companies, providing a full spectrum of support ranging from technology development marketing to commericalisation and fundraising. “The companies [will be] located in our offices for at least two to three years, and they are [fully] integrated with our people. We help them in every aspect of the business,” he says.

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