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Editor’s note: The original article was published in Hebrew. 

Is the Singapore Exchange an opportunity for Israeli biomed companies?

By Gali Weinreb, Globes (9 August 2016)

Israel has entrepreneurship, and Singapore has a tremendous “appetite” for entrepreneurship and can offer the rest: capital, a governmental decision to invest in biomed, production capabilities in the medical field, hospitals and leading academic institutions, and a stock exchange that welcomes foreign companies.

Singapore panel - 6th Trendlines Showcase

Panel discussion at Trendlines 6th Annual Showcase, January 2016: Singapore, The Asia-Pacific Gateway. Panelist Mohamed Nasser Ismail (2nd from right) is the Senior VP, Head of SME Development and Listings for the Singapore Exchange.

Singapore is a “power” in research and finance, modern medicine, and innovative business models. One of the areas which the country sees lacking is entrepreneurship. From this perspective, it is a successful business partner for Israeli biomed companies, and it seems that this connection is not utilized enough.

On Singapore’s active stock exchange, 40% of the companies are international, and there is a special exchange (Catalist) for start-ups, similar to London’s AIM Stock Exchange. Until recently, only one Israeli company traded in Singapore, although the idea of Israel and entrepreneurship excites Singaporeans in particular, and Asians (who invest in the Singapore Stock Exchange of Singapore) generally.

Trendlines Medical Asia Road Show Singapore event

Portfolio company CEOs wait to present at the Trendlines Medical Asia Road Show Singapore event, July 2016.

And if there is a combination that excites them even more, it is Israel, innovation, and incubators. The incubator model is perceived as the core that drives the Start-Up Nation and also an opportunity to mitigate (or “decentralize”) the investment risk in Israeli innovation.

The Trendlines Group exploited this sentiment when it listed a few months ago on the Singapore Stock Exchange — only a half a year after starting to work in the country. Trendlines is an investment company that invests in medical devices [and agricultural technologies] and operates two incubators, a venture capital fund at the early stage, and [Trendlines Labs] that develops solutions in partnership with international companies.

Trendlines raised $28 million at a time when other capital markets in the world were closed to biomed companies, so the Singapore option represented a bright spot for the company. It currently trades at a valuation of $69 million.

Read the full article in Globes (Hebrew).

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