Trendlines, IonMed & ApiFix Featured in NextInsight

Ed. note: NextInsight published a series of articles about Trendlines and its portfolio companies.

Trendlines Group: Case study of a star start-up (IonMed)

By Leong Chan Teik, February 17, 2016

THE DAY MAY not be far off when patients who undergo surgery need not fret over scars from wounds that are sutured or stapled.

IonMed in Israel has developed a technique for closing wounds that has been proven to be superior to suturing and stapling, as we learnt during our recent visit to The Trendlines Group in Israel. IonMed is one of 48 start-ups being incubated by Trendlines.

Its innovative technique involves applying cold plasma (ionised helium gas) over a proprietary medical plaster (Chitoplast™) placed on the wound, sealing the tissues, speeding up healing and disinfecting the wound. Read the full article on NextInsight.

Trendlines Group: Case study of a star start-up (ApiFix)

By Leong Chan Teik,  February 10, 2016

Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes, Chairmen & CEOs, The Trendlines Group

Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes, Chairmen & CEOs, The Trendlines Group

THE KEY TO appreciating The Trendlines Group’s business is to know the innovations that its portfolio companies are developing with a stated goal to help “improve the human condition.”

We feature here one of its star start-ups, ApiFix, which was named “Best Start-Up 2012” by the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel … .

ApiFix has developed a game-changer solution for remedying idiopathic scoliosis, a condition where the spine is severely curved. It mainly afflicts adolescent girls. Read the full article on NextInsight.

Ed. note: The first article in the series

Trendlines Group: Insights from our visit to Israel

By Leong Chan Teik, February 3, 2016
WE WERE TRAVELING to visit The Trendlines Group, the second Israeli company to list on the Singapore Exchange after Sarin Technologies.

But over the four days that we spent attending presentations by various start-ups that are being incubated by Trendlines and speaking with Trendlines management, we became more familiar with the intrinsic value of the business of Trendlines.
From evaluating about 500 possibilities a year, and doing due diligence on a shortlist, currently Trendlines is incubating 48 start-ups. It’s unique as far as SGX-listcos go.
Focusing on the medical and agricultural industries in order to “improve the human condition,” Trendlines was founded in 2007 by Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes, both of whom have had diverse careers, including business development consultancy for start-ups in Israel.

At Trendlines, both are Co-Chairman and Co-CEO — obviously an unusual arrangement but they exhibit positive chemistry with each other. Read the full article on Next Insight.

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