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Editor’s note: The original article appeared in Hebrew.

Agtech: Greenhouses in Two Senses

By Ariel Shapira, PC People & Computers (29 May 2016)

The word “incubators” entered into the realm of agriculture just a few years ago, but since then it has developed into “growing” technologies • The Trendlines Group combines both fields



“Israel has the ability and knowledge to become the ‘Agtech Valley’ of the world,” notes Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish.

[The] Trendlines Agtech incubator of The Trendlines Group is hard at work on the development of breakthrough agricultural technologies that will provide an answer to the ever-growing world population and availability of nutritious food.

In the word of Dr. Nitza Kardish, CEO of Trendlines Agtech, “The world’s population has grown rapidly, while the amount of resources is limited. The amount of food consumed by humanity is increasing, however, the amount of resources required for the production of food, such as growth areas, water and energy in all its variations, is shrinking steadily. For these reasons, the huge challenge of feeding the population is currently facing global agriculture, without the necessary tools to keep up with  appropriate demand. The huge gap will be closed solely through technology.”

How can Israel can help, or how has Israel been helping the matter? “Israel has the ability and knowledge to become the “Agtech Valley” of the world. Over the years, Israeli agriculture was considered a magnet for companies and countries all over the world. The combination of professional knowledge and technological development that exists in the country attracts investors who recognize the business opportunities inherent in our agricultural high-tech. There are funds that look out for Israeli advances and seek promising investment channels.”

Read the full article (Hebrew).

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