Trendlines Agtech CEO & Portfolio Companies Featured in The Marker Magazine

Editor’s note: The Marker Magazine article, “The Place at the Center of the Table,” part of “What Are We Eating Tomorrow: Foodtech Nation,” featured an interview with Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish and mentioned portfolio companies Steak TzarTzar, AquiNovo, BioFishency, Enolog, and Valentis. Read the full article (Hebrew PDF) or see The Marker. The English version appeared under the title, “Startup Nation launching the next Green Revolution.” Read the full article (English PDF).

Steak TzarTzar was among the companies featured in an accompanying article, “7 Hot Dishes.”

Startup Nation launching the next Green Revolution

Israeli high-tech and old industry are teaming up to ensure the country doesn’t lag as world food demand grows
By Israel Fisher, The Marker (9 March 2016)


Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish was interviewed for this article in The Marker.

How to feed 10 billion people

Trendlines Agtech in The Marker

The Marker Magazine article, “What Are We Eating Tomorrow: Foodtech Nation,” features an interview with Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish and a number of portfolio companies.

Alongside innovative technology for manufacturing, there’s an urgent need to improve the way crops are raised. That’s what the Trendlines Agtech [incubator] aims to do.

Modern agriculture, which developed in the second half of the 20th century and was designed handle steep population growth, created environmental and health problems that can no longer be ignored says Trendlines [Agtech’s] chief executive, Nitza Kardish. The next generation will have to provide new solutions, she says.

‘The Green Revolution that started in the 1950s had to deal with a world food shortage after World War II. The solution was threefold. First, they introduced chemicals. They simply flooded the globe with agrochemicals, and that allowed the creation of huge amounts of food,’ Kardish says.

‘Second, they grew one agricultural variety, monoculture, on a unit of land, and didn’t allow the growth of a larger variety of crops with a natural balance between them. In doing so, they disrupted the equilibrium and agriculture stopped being balanced. The third solution, which isn’t problematic, is mechanization — introducing tractors and so on.

Today it’s impossible to continue to grow crops the old way. ‘Regulatory agencies don’t allow the pollution of the groundwater and the ground anymore,’ Kardish says. Read the full article (English PDF).

 Editor’s note: Steak TzarTzar was one of the seven companies featured as part of the “What Are We Eating Tomorrow: Promising Start-Ups” series published in The Marker Magazine. The article was originally published in Hebrew.

7 “Hot Dishes”

By Michal Palti, The Marker (March 2, 2016)

They aren’t identified as Internet companies and their “substance” has not produced exits that have been reported in the newspapers, but these start-ups will reshape the future of food, revolutionize agriculture, make you healthier, and feed the world.


Bugs in Your Pita

Would you replace 250 grams of a juicy steak with a handful of grasshoppers, fried or boiled in water? Dror Tamir says yes. He’s convinced. Fact: Tamir nibbles grasshoppers on a daily basis. “Like in Africa,” he explains excitedly. “We compress stacks of grasshoppers, without even thinking, with the wings and legs.”

Steak TzarTzar, the company that Tamir founded about two years ago with partners Ben Friedman and Hanan Aviv, grows millions of grasshoppers in a closed farm on Moshav Elifelet, adjacent to Rosh Pina, is close to advanced development of raising and developing/distributing a product. “The idea was mine,” explains Tamir, a serial entrepreneur in the area of food.”I want to improve nutrition for 250 million children in the world. Children need protein to develop properly and there is a critical shortage of these resources. Many companies are searching for protein alternatives from different sources. Read the full article about Steak TzarTzar (Hebrew PDF).

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