The 83-year-old inventor of the Saturas sensor featured in Haaretz

Editor’s notes: Trendlines Agtech portfolio company Saturas is developing, testing, and commercializing Moshe Meron’s sensor technology.

Moshe Meron appeared on the Israeli morning show, Orly and Guy. 

A 83-year-old Israeli agriculturalist developed an application that checks when a tree is thirsty

By Noa Shpigel, Haaretz (12 January 2018)


Prototype of the Saturas miniature stem water potential sensor embedded in a tree trunk

The new sensor invented by Moshe Meron, Ph.D., of Kibbutz Shamir, measures the amount of fluid in the trees and can help farmers grow the fruit to the desired size and quality | Meron: “Once farmers were watering with their eyes closed.”

Although there have already been some rainy and stormy days, it is likely that this year will also be dry, and warnings have been heard from farmers about cutting crops, and the Water Authority has called for a halt to planting. Against this background, the new sensor developed at the Migal Galilee Research Institute Ltd. is likely to optimize the use of water and prevent orchards from drying out. Moshe Meron, Ph.D., of Kibbutz Shamir, head of Migal’s Molecular Ecology Laboratory, developed the sensor that he says is far more accurate than other methods, in part because it operates 24/7 and is connected to an application that reports directly to the farmer, wherever he is. Read the full article on Haaretz (Hebrew).

Moshe Meron, Ph.D., (right) invented the Saturas sensor that measures the stem water potential (SWP) in plants, trees, and vines.

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