Steve Rhodes Featured in NRG Ma’ariv Article

Ed. note: The original article appeared in Hebrew.

“People in High-Tech Can Help Describe Israel to the World”

Steve Rhodes, a senior technology executive, calls on the Israeli business community to raise awareness about Israel

By Asaf Golan, NRG Maariv

“In a conversation with NRG Ma’ariv, Steve Rhodes, Chairman and CEO of Trendlines Group, owners of two Israeli technological incubators, Trendlines Agtech and Trendlines Medical, calls for Israelis in high-tech to use their connections to explain the State of Israel to the world. ‘In these complex times, especially when the security of the state of Israel is at the fore, activities related to describing and explaining occupy a place of honor. Israeli media are busy disseminating information and messages; public figures have media consultants to define various different information strategies. They come to a global audience and encourage the support and legitimacy of Israel. Alongside those involved as emissaries are Israeli business people, many of whom have close working relationships around the world, thanks to advanced technology of Israel.’

“How high-tech personnel can help? Israeli technology is now at the forefront of innovation and has provoked great interest among investors and large international companies seeking investment opportunities in new technologies … I think Israeli technologies play a critical role, especially today, in protecting the state and creating important bridges between people and institutions around the world.

“By way of example, Steve recalls Mobileye’s IPO. He said the ‘spotlight shifted from the security situation in Israel to the company’s record-breaking IPO, the largest for an Israeli company [going public in the United States]. Such success, nearly always involving investors and cooperation with international organizations, raises the status of Israel in the world and strengthens favorable public opinion.'”

Read the full article on NRG Maariv (Hebrew).

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