Steak TzarTzar Featured in G Magazine

Editor’s note: Globes’ G Magazine published the series, Food-Tech: The Future of Food. Steak TzarTzar was among the featured companies. The article was originally published in Hebrew.


By Yael Ben Israel, G Magazine (24 March 2016)

Globes G magazine, "Edible Tech"

Steak TzarTzar is one of the companies spotlighted in the G Magazine feature, “Food-Tech: the Future of Food.”

After the driverless car, smart homes and wearables, technology has crossed into an exciting new category: food. As usual in the Start-Up Nation, the local high-tech industry has a significant foothold in the area, simply called food-tech.

The food industry (and major investment funds) already understand that only food conglomerates can implement these innovative, advanced technologies and produce value-added, innovative, enhanced, and updated for the modern (mainly Western) consumer.

The growing awareness over the last decade of healthy or unprocessed foods, stringent global regulations for the sake of fair trade, and the depletion of natural resources and raw materials has led to an increasing demand for products that meet all these challenges. Here are some interesting Israeli developments.


Steak TzarTzar

If There’s No Bread, Eat Grasshoppers

“The idea came from two different places,” says Dror Tamir, CEO and one of the [Steak TzarTzar’s] three founders. “The first time was 25 years ago, inside the head of [founder] Hanan Aviv, who realized that insects are the future of mankind — not only in food but also in the supply; and in my mind two years ago, when I realized that, while dealing with problems of obesity in children, there was a substantial shortage of protein.” Read the full article (Hebrew PDF).

Globes G magazine article "Edible Tech"

The Steak TzarTzar feature in the “Edible Tech” article in Globes’ G Magazine, part of the Food-Tech: The Future of Food series.


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