Spotlight On: Water Sensors for Precision Irrigation

Saturas, founded in 2013,  is developing a miniature stem water potential sensor that can be embedded in the trunk of trees, vines, and plants to provide accurate information and enable farmers to optimize irrigation for reduced water consumption and increased fruit production and quality. Anat Solomon-Halgoa, CEO of Saturas, will be presenting their company at our investment event on January 28, 2014. We interviewed Anat on what makes Saturas interesting to the agritech market and a worthwhile project to invest in.

Saturas - Anat and Sinai

Members of the Saturas team: Anat Solomon-Halgoa, CEO, and Sinay Goldberg, VP R&D

How did the idea for your company develop?

Dr. Moshe Meron, a senior researcher at MIGAL research institute has been working in precision irrigation for more than 30 years. Meron always said that farmers need to “talk to the trees” in order to understand when and how much water they need and was convinced that the sensors available on the market provide only limited and indirect solutions. So until trees “learn to talk”, he came up with a way of directly measuring the water potential in the stem of the tree, which represents the most accurate measurement of the water status.

Why do you personally care about your company’s product?

I love the simplicity of the idea. It is easy to understand the need for precision irrigation, the importance and the benefits Saturas provides for saving water and improving yields.

Why should others care about the solution you are developing?

The ability to irrigate the exact amount of water that the tree needs is essential and critical for farmers all over the world. Water is a serious issue worldwide. Agriculturists are looking for better irrigation solutions and we have had a lot of interest from farmers who want to try our product.

What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur with a great idea?

A great idea is important, but an entrepreneur should never underestimate the value of the team you decide to take on board. In most cases, personal conflicts cause great ideas to fail. I strongly recommend to make sure that the team covers all capabilities needed for success: technological, business development and good managerial skills. Understanding the market is essential, too. An entrepreneur needs to learn about the need, the barriers, the main players, and make sure that his product meets the targets.

As you know, the Trendlines mission is “creating companies that improve the human condition”. How is your company doing this?

Water is an essential resource for humankind. Saving water has become a global mission. Precision agriculture, in general, and irrigation advancement, in particular, is essential for our future.  Different crops needs water in specific quantities and frequencies for optimal yields. Saturas’ sensor system directly answers these needs.

To hear this company present their technology and to meet their team, register for our Investment Event. To read about another featured company, see the spotlight on Endobetix.

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