Spotlight On: Delivering Protein from Edible Insects

High-protein food from sustainable sources and at affordable costs is needed to feed a growing world population. Steak TzarTzar has taken up the challenge. Dror Tamir, the Company’s CEO, explains.

How did the idea for your company develop?

Two years ago — while working on a project for obesity prevention — I understood that over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from a lack of protein. Together with co-founder, Ben Friedman, we explored protein alternatives and realized that grasshoppers represent the most promising protein alternative for humans. When we were looking for an insect expert, we talked to many Israeli entomologists. A 10-minute phone call with Chanan Aviv (who recognized 25 years ago that insects represent an amazing opportunity to feed humanity) was enough for us to understand that we had found a match and would be able to collaborate to make this dream come true.

Growing grasshoppers

Growing grasshoppers

Why do you personally care about your company’s product?

All three founders share the same passion to improve this world for our children by improving their health and development through better nutrition.

Why should the market care about the solution you are developing?

Protein is an important component in our diet and essential for the healthy development of children both physically and mentally. Today’s protein alternatives often have disadvantages: [high levels of] cholesterol or saturated fat, lactose, harmful to the environment, and expensive. Grasshoppers provide the perfect alternative: healthy, affordable and sustainable. They are already considered a delicacy by over 1 billion people in Africa, Asia, Central America, and the Middle East.

What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur with a great idea?

  1. Believe in yourself when no one else does.
  2. Learn your weaknesses, and build your team with complementary professionals.
  3. Perseverance will prevail.

As you know, the Trendlines mission is “creating companies that improve the human condition.” How is your company doing this?

A better and affordable protein source has the potential to impact and transform the lives of billions around the globe.

Come and hear more from Steak TzarTzar at the 6th Annual Trendlines Company Showcase.

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