Spotlight On: An Automated Control System for Wine Fermentation

The ancient art of winemaking meets the technological capabilities of the 21st century with Enolog’s automated system for reading, analyzing, and optimizing the fermentation of wine in the tank. Shay Marcus, CEO of Enolog Technologies, describes why and how the company’s founders developed a solution to a major challenge of any winemaker’s work.

How did the idea for your company develop?

Dr. Shivi Drori is a scientist who studies vines and wine (and the owner and chief enologist of one of Israel’s best boutique wineries). He identified the problem of not being able to control the wine fermentation process in real time and set about developing a solution for it. The problem is especially pertinent for nighttime and weekend monitoring. Winemaking is a 24/7 responsibility and this monitoring is particularly difficult during the intensive grape harvest season.

Why do you personally care about your company’s product?

Our product answers a real need in the industry and could revolutionize the enologist’s work. We have received very good feedback from enologists working in wineries of all sizes who are excited about our technology.

Why should the market care about the solution you are developing?

The competition in the wine market is driven mostly by the quality of the wine. Wine quality is determined first by the quality of the grapes, but the ability of the winemaker to control the winemaking process is of no less importance. Our product helps the winemaker increase control of and optimize the fermentation process. This can substantially increase the overall quality of their product to gain a competitive edge.

What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur with a great idea?

As a seasoned entrepreneur, my best piece of advice is, “Don’t be afraid to try, even at the price of failure.” Be prepared to see “failures” as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Read more about Enolog, and meet Shay when he presents at the 6th Annual Trendlines Company Showcase.

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