Spotlight On: Nontoxic Insect Control Product for Greenhouse Crops

EdenShield has developed and is selling a nontoxic insect control product for greenhouse crops that is based on extracts of medicinal plants endemic to Israel’s desert. The first product is applied to greenhouse screens to mask the odor of the crop inside and lower insect attraction. Not only does the product maintain its efficacy throughout the entire growing season, this method of crop protection does not cause development of resistance.greenhouse

We interviewed Yaniv Kitron, the company’s CEO, to find out why a company like EdenShield is so “attractive” to humans.

How did the idea for your company develop?

In my years of botanical research, I kept looking for a way to use Israeli plants for nontoxic crop protection. Many attempts didn’t work, but I persevered in trying different plant-based solutions until I came up with the one we eventually developed into the EdenShield product.

Why do you personally care about your company’s product?

I believe the correct approach for crop protection is to learn from nature — to see and understand what plants do to protect themselves against insects and survive. We can then use that knowledge to develop a more natural approach for crop protection.

Why should others care about the solution you are developing?

Today, farmers lose a large percentage of their crops due to damage caused by insects. They also lack tools for effectively protecting their crops. Pesticides work for a limited time, but insects quickly develop resistance and a new product or different formulation has to be used. In addition, many pesticides are harmful to humans. Consumers are more aware and concerned about the chemicals used to produce their food. EdenShield’s product has the advantage of being nontoxic, maintaining efficacy over time (meaning less active material can be used), and giving better crop protection overall.

What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur with a great idea?

Perseverance! Take into account the downs as well as the ups – not everything goes as planned. Bring in experienced people and specialists, especially at the beginning.

As you know, Trendlines’ mission is “creating and developing companies that improve the human condition.” How is your company doing this?

EdenShield allows farmers to produce more food to meet growing demand, with a nontoxic product. That definitely fulfills this mission.


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