Sol Chip Powers Precision Agriculture with Solariz in Singapore

Editor’s note: News of the Sol Chip collaboration with Solariz appeared in The Marker and in New-Tech Magazine (both in Hebrew).

Sol Chip battery

The miniature Everlasting Solar Battery was integrated into Solariz irrigation systems and installed in community gardens in Singapore.

Sol Chip and Solariz recently began testing their wireless, solar-powered vertical agriculture solutions in Singapore.

Sol Chip is an Internet of Things (IoT) systems and energy harvesting solutions provider that has developed maintenance-free IoT solutions based on its Everlasting Solar Battery. Sol Chip and Solariz, a leading Singaporean solution provider of IoT technologies for precision agriculture, involved in the field of vertical agriculture and smart cities, recently collaborated to begin field tests in Singapore.

This trial integration of Sol Chip’s solar battery and wireless connectivity within the Solariz irrigation system was recently installed in community gardens in Singapore and is expected to last about two months. In the next phase, a larger scale deployment is anticipated that will include community and vertical gardens and several applications for smart cities. This project will strengthen Singapore’s efforts to become a leader in big data and IoT technology.


News of the Sol Chip-Solariz trial appeared in The Marker.

Unlike existing solutions in the market that require conventional batteries, the Sol Chip system uses its Everlasting Solar Battery to connect wirelessly to the sensor and operate it continually  for at least 10 years, without the need to recharge, replace, or maintain the battery. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, this sustainable energy solution prevents the need to dispose of batteries, which is harmful to the environment. Sol Chip’s energy-harvesting and wireless communication technology powers a complete solution for precision agriculture and connects to the cloud wirelessly. The system has been successfully tested in field trials in Israel, Argentina, and Spain. Customers who previously tested the system have now ordered permanent installations.

Solariz’ Managing Director, Lim Jew Pean is delighted to collaborate with Sol Chip on their solution in Singapore. “We are very pleased to collaborate with Sol Chip as we needed a very robust, scalable and reliable technologies for out Smart Cities initiatives. We are very confident that with Sol Chip’s system, we will be able to introduce better and smarter solutions to our communities and industries.”

According to Shani Keysar, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Sol Chip:

Sol Chip’s agricultural system includes sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature, the intensity of solar radiation, and other parameters. The sensors’ data is uploaded every 10 minutes to the cloud, allowing for real-time analysis and intervention. The small size of the system, which uses energy from the environment, substantially lowers installation and maintenance costs and provides the opportunity of deploying hundreds of sensors in each field, orchard or greenhouse. This is a very attractive capability for smart agriculture. The more connected sensors there are, the more algorithms can be run to improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural yields. This takes precision agriculture to the next level. Such Sol Chip’s solutions are already deployed with leading customers around the world.

Sol Chip’s technology is an IoT platform. In addition to precision agriculture, there are solutions for smart cities; for example, wireless sensors for air quality measurement, ‘intelligent’ parking lots, waste management, and drinking water infrastructure are all in great demand.

An award-winning company, Sol Chip was recently added to the Sustainia100, a list of the 100 leading sustainable companies worldwide. Following installations in South America and Europe, the Company will begin its first pilot in greenhouses in China.

About Solariz Technologies

Solariz Technologies is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider focusing on sensory, tracking and monitoring system for Industrial and Enterprises. Solariz’s Sensor Cloud platform aims to connect sensors, wireless devices and IoT seamlessly for data collection, data visualisation and data analytics.

About Sol Chip

Sol Chip is an Internet of Things (IoT) systems and Energy Harvesting solutions provider. Sol Chip has developed maintenance free IoT platforms solutions based on its Everlasting Solar Battery. This compact battery can supply energy for the lifetime of IoT devices. Sol Chip’s technology provides a platform for disruptive applications such as home automation, smart cities, precision agriculture and many more.

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