Sol Chip Featured in People & Computers

Editor’s note: Below are translated excerpts from a Hebrew article on Sol Chip in the publication People & Computers. 

Sol Chip Presents Its Revolutionary Solar Solution for Precision Agriculture

At the offices of Sol Chip in Haifa, the action and bustle speak for themselves. The Company which, employs about 20 workers — more than half of them development, is in momentum.

Sol Chip

In Sol Chip’s laboratory, products that come off the production line are tested, using special equipment for testing solar systems and communications. At the same time, the sales team is gathered in the meeting room, on a call with their counterparts in Canada, the United States, and China.

We meet with Dr. Shani Keysar, Founder and CEO of Sol Chip and Rami Friedlander, Co-founder and CTO. It is evident that Dr. Keysar sees technology of the Company’s as a personal mission.

Sol Chip's Everlasting Solar Battery provides energy for the lifetime of low-power devices.

Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery provides energy for the lifetime of low-power devices.

Keysar remarks, “The world population is growing steadily and in need of solutions to high-quality food production. In this context, the mission of agricultural technology is to develop technologies that will allow increasing yields while reducing the required inputs, especially water resources.”

“Solutions come from new technologies, that optimize the food chain from field to plate. Technology can streamline the work of the farmer, increase profitability, and reduce environmental impact. In the case of Sol Chip, we not only optimize the farmer’s work, but additionally remove the dependency on perishable batteries that harm the environment. ”

Keysar adds, “The autonomous communication systems of the company – SCC (Sol Chip Communication), were tested during the past year in several countries including: Israel, Spain, Singapore, China and Argentina. The successful tests led to the big amount of orders that we have begun to deliver. ”

Are there other applications for your product – beyond precision agriculture?

“Absolutely. Our technology is suitable for any sensor in a remote place that requires relatively low communication. Connecting a sensor like this to the Internet is very sensitive to hardware price and cost of maintenance. Sol Chip’s system can be suitable to smart city systems, surveillance equipment, mechanical engineering, security systems such as sensors on fences, and maintenance systems for gas and water networks.”

“Other applications are smart construction sites and the retail sector, as Sol Chip’s system functions excellently within buildings. Today we have four projects to develop additional applications from the list above, which I believe we will launch in the coming year.”


Sol Chip was the choice of the publication Fast Company for the most innovative company in the field of energy in 2016, introducing the first commercial application of solar chip – Solar control unit tiny wireless sensors farming.


The advantage derived directly from the exclusive development of Sol Chip’s system, is the fact that the system operates on solar energy, which draws its energy during daylight hours, and continues to provide power to the sensor and modem throughout the night, all year round, even in places without much sunlight, such as Ireland. It does this without the need for maintenance or battery replacement, year after year – for 10 years!

Read the full article (Hebrew).

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