Sol Chip Featured in Israeli Media

Editor’s note: Sol Chip was the subject of articles in Mashov Haklaut and The Marker Magazine, widely circulated Hebrew-language media covering agriculture and business, respectively.

Sun Smarts

Mashov Hakalut magazine (Issue 323, July 2016)

Sol Chip, part of Trendlines Agtech, has developed a wireless solar sensor that helps farmers monitor the conditions in the fields. The sensors are in field trials in Israel, Spain, Argentina, and Singapore

Sol Chip in Mashov Haklaut

Mashov Haklaut featured Sol Chip in the article “Sun Smarts.”

Sol Chip, an Israeli start-up and graduate company of the Trendlines Agtech incubator, invented a small solar battery inside the complex chip [placed] directly on the electronic card. Based on this battery, the Company has developed a complete solution: an arrangement of small, wireless solar sensors, fed by solar energy and connected to the cloud using radio frequency. These sensors measure soil moisture, temperature, intensity of solar radiation, and more, thereby helping farmers to monitor the situation in the fields. Unlike existing solutions in the market today, which are based on biodegradable batteries, the Sol Chip solution, which is based on solar energy, enables continuous operation of the sensor for at least 10 years without having to replace the battery or perform other maintenance. In addition to reducing maintenance costs [the Sol Chip battery] prevents the use of biodegradable batteries, which are recognized as hazardous to the environment.

According to Dr. Shani Keysar, Sol Chip’s founder and CEO: “The Sol Chip system for agriculture includes sensors that measure moisture in the soil, temperature, intensity of solar radiation, and more. The data is uploaded in real time (for example, every 10 minutes) to the cloud. The system’s small size, use of energy from the environment, low cost to install and to maintain, opens up the possibilities, for the first time, to deploy tens or hundreds of sensors in every field, orchard or greenhouse.”




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