Sol Chip and Netafim Collaborate To Develop Unique Maintenance-Free Crop Monitoring Solution

Next-generation smart irrigation system benefits both growers and the environment

Israel —  December 8, 2014 — Sol Chip, a leader in solar-energy powering of electronic and mobile devices, and Netafim, the global leader in drip and micro-irrigation solutions, announced today the signing of an MOU for the joint development of a hybrid, maintenance-free crop monitoring system. The solution will virtually eliminate the need to carry out maintenance on the battery-operated system, thereby increasing grower profitability.

The innovative system will be powered by Sol Chip Pak (SCP™), a unique hybrid power solution that harvests light energy in order to power billions of individual appliances. Based on a patented IP, SCP integrates all required components into a single unit to supply continuous and sustainable light energy for 24/7 operations. Sol Chip’s technology utilizes a low-cost manufacturing flow, thereby increasing overall efficiency and decreasing design complexity, while reducing operation costs by 60%.

The joint crop monitoring system is anchored by Netafim’s rSense, a comprehensive solution enabling growers to achieve better and higher yields, while cutting resource use and costs. The advanced solution leverages market-leading technological and agricultural know-how, as well as 50 years of industry experience. Featuring a wide range of sensors, reliable wireless communications, and user-friendly monitoring software, rSense combined with SCP™ represents the industry’s first maintenance-free crop monitoring solution.

“We highly value our cooperation with Netafim, which is at the cutting edge of the drip irrigation industry,” said Dr. Shani Keysar, Sol Chip Founder & CEO. “The combination of rSense and power autonomy offered by our harvesting technology will enable development of a new line of precision agriculture applications. The joint solution shows how fast and easy our Sol Chip Pak integrates into existing systems. Once completed, the application will work continuously without the need for maintenance, saving growers both time and money.”

“We’re quite excited about integrating our remote monitoring units with Sol Chip’s SCP™”, said Lior Doron, Netafim’s Director of Crop Management Technology. “We are always searching for innovative green energy technologies that can be embedded into our products. By cooperating with Sol Chip, we can deliver benefits both to the environment and to growers on a daily basis.”


About Sol Chip

Sol Chip is an Internet of Things (IoT) system and energy harvesting solutions provider. Sol Chip has developed maintenance-free IoT solutions based on its Everlasting Solar Battery. This compact battery can supply energy for the lifetime of IoT devices. Sol Chip’s technology provides a platform for disruptive applications such as home automation, smart cities, precision agriculture and many more. Sol Chip is a portfolio company of the The Trendlines Group. For more information, visit

About Netafim

Netafim is the global leader in drip and micro-irrigation solutions for sustainable productivity. With 28 subsidiaries, 16 manufacturing plants and over 4,000 employees worldwide, Netafim delivers innovative so­lutions in over 110 countries across the globe. Founded in 1965, Netafim pioneered the drip irrigation revolution, creating a paradigm shift toward low-flow agricultural irrigation. Today, Netafim offers a wide range of state-of-the-art irrigation and complementary solutions for agriculture, landscaping and mining. From drippers and dripperlines, through sprinklers and micro-emitters, to crop management technology (CMT) and greenhouse systems, Netafim’s market-leading products and services enable cost-effective irrigation for optimal and sustainable results. For more information, visit

Media Contact

Sol Chip: Zack Sharon Mobile: +1.647.871.1555

Netafim:  Tomer Hambursky Mobile: +972.54.637.1105

Sol Chip and the Sol Chip logo are registered marks of Sol Chip Corporation. Netafim, Leap Tag, and the Netafim logo are registered marks of Netafim Corporation. Other trademarks and trade names mentioned may be marks and names of their owners as indicated.

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