The Need

Despite substantial development in speech technology, speech synthesis solutions have yet to achieve the level that makes them indistinguishable from human speech. For ubiquitous deployment, virtual voices must sound not only intelligible and natural but also intelligent and expressive. Virtual voices must convey the sense that they actually understand what they are saying and are capable of delivering messages with the appropriate emotional underpinnings.

The Product

VivoText’s technology is modeled after a proven musical performance application called Music Objects Recognition (MOR). Developed by VivoText founder, Gershon Silbert, MOR delivers computerized expressive musical performances that are indistinguishable from human ones.

The VivoText speech engine is comprised of language analysis and speech generation modules, proprietary Voice Sample Libraries and a UI that enables control over the mood, emphasis, timing, and pronunciation of synthesized speech.

The Advantages and Applications

Major applications for VivoText’s TTS engine are in entertainment, electronic publishing, mobile, and assistive technologies for the visually impaired and the elderly. Primary applications include speech-enabling interactive toys and games, mobile devices, e-books, and websites. In these markets it is an accepted practice to use live recordings for applications in which the quality and “humanness” of the voice is deemed essential. Using TTS instead of live recordings offers a clear cost-benefit advantage, limitless dynamic content delivery and enables significant expansion of voice-based services and applications.

The Team

  • Gershon Silbert, CEO: Internationally acclaimed concert pianist; ran a prestigious vintage piano business in the United States; founded Silpor Music, which developed MOR (expressive humanized playback of musical scores); formulated algorithms for TTS engine based on principles and methods from the music performance application; MEd, Boston University
  • Samuel H. Solomon, Chairman: Successful entrepreneur and business executive with over 30 years’ experience in the legal, financial, and information technology industries; founded and led U.S.-based litigation consulting firm DOAR, recently retiring as chairman after completing a significant private equity transaction; chairman of the board of two private software companies and a member of the board of a Nasdaq-listed mutual fund; MBA, finance, New York University
  • Yossef Ben-Ezra, PhD, CTO: Served as senior researcher at the tel Aviv University School of Exact Sciences, and is Dean of the Engineering Department at the Holon Institute of Technology; co-authored 9 book chapters, over 50 papers, and 8 patents; reviewer for leading international journals; PhD, Tel Aviv University (1999)
  • Shai Nissim, VP R&D: Holds an MBA from Bar Ilan University and a BSc in electronic engineering from the Holon Institute of Technology, majoring in signal and image processing and Artificial Neural Networks; served as an officer and system engineer in the Israeli Air Force communication division from 2004 to 2010
  • Ben Feibleman, VP Strategy and Business Development: Based in New York, Ben joined VivoText in 2012, after coming to Israel to perform due diligence as part of his duties as an analyst for Lazarus Investment Opportunities Fund; an ex-marine, Ben managed non-profit operations, covering medical research, veteran, and conservation issues; a graduate of Columbia University

Trendlines’ director: Steve Rhodes

The Market

The speech technology market is expected to reach $31.3B by 2017 according to Global Industry Analysts. VivoText is differentiating itself from its major competitors, led by Nuance Communication, by introducing E-TTS, thus setting a new standard in speech technology just as Dolby did for tape noise reduction and Adobe, for document maintenance. VivoText will have a major impact on a broad array of applications in the entertainment, e-publishing, advertising, mobile messaging, educational and assistive technologies markets.

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Expressive text-to-speech

At a Glance

Stage: Business development
Founded: 2008
Investors: The Trendlines Group, private investors

In the Media

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Gershon Silbert, CEO
Mobile: +972.54.495.1526

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