ViAqua Therapeutics

ViAqua is developing the first orally administered treatment for aquaculture to improve resistance to viral diseases and to prevent viral epidemics.

The Product & Advantages

ViAqua’s platform for improving resistance to viral diseases in shellfish and fish utilizes a proprietary RNAi particle formulation that triggers a cell reaction to disable the viral infection. The coated particles are delivered via feed or immersion to produce maximum effect and to reduce costs.

  • Non-GMO, food-grade ingredients
  • Simple application for growers
  • Shorter, simpler regulatory path
  • Platform technology enables treatment of sets of viruses

The Team

ViAqua CEO Shai Einbinder and CTO Shai Ufaz

ViAqua Co-Founder Shai Einbinder and CEO Shai Ufaz

  • Shai Ufaz, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder: Molecular biologist; experience in biotechnology, genetic engineering, protein expression; Project Manager, Protalix Biotherapeutics, TransAlgae; PhD, plant genetics
  • Shai Einbinder, Ph.D., co-founder and adviser: Marine biologist; experience in product development, management; VP Development and Projects, TransAlgae; CEO, Aurora-V; MSc, ecology systematics and evolution
  • Prof. Avi Schroeder, scientific adviser: Extensive development in fields of drug delivery and nanotechnology, including RNAi delivery method licensed to Monsanto; Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Robert Langer, MIT
  • Haim Barsimantov, VP R&D: More than 17 years of experience in formulation and delivery system development, scale-up of microencapsulation technologies; previously, COO and CTO, Sol-Gel Technologies
  • Dganit Vered, chairperson: Over 20 years of experience in senior executive positions; previously, head of R&D, Hazera; VP R&D Pharma API, Perrigo; engineering and operations, Intel

Trendlines’ directors: Nitza Kardish, Steve Rhodes


Stage: Technology development
Founded: September 2014
Investor: The Trendlines Group
Fish 2.0 logoIn the media: ViAqua founders interviewed about innovative research (nrg)
Achievement: Fish 2.0 competition finalist (2017)
Publication: Anti-viral RNAi nanoparticles protect shrimp against white spot disease (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Background & Market

Preventing and treating disease, particularly viral infections, is one of the major challenges facing aquaculture today. Currently, drugs to combat aquaculture diseases are generally injected into shellfish/fish one at a time. This labor-intensive and costly solution is relevant for large premium fish such as salmon, but it leaves shellfish and small fish unprotected, resulting in production losses of 20% or greater in certain species.

The underdeveloped area of virus/disease treatment in aquaculture is becoming a focus of interest and activity as the drive to increase food production for feeding the world’s growing population intensifies.

ViAqua’s first product is for shrimp, the most important aquaculture commodity, which accounts for 20% of the total international trade value of fish products. According to the USDA, diseases cause 10% to 20% losses in shrimp aquaculture. Delivery presents a major challenge for effective, economical treatment. Treatment for other shellfish (e.g., lobster, crab) and fish will follow.

Now Funding

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ViAqua is now funding.

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See the company one-page description in Chinese (PDF).

See the company  presentation in Chinese (PDF).

ViAqua is the first orally administered treatment for aquaculture to improve resistance to viral diseases.


Shai Ufaz, CEO
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