Tandem Technologies

Tandem Technologies has developed one device for precise removal and retrieval of polyps in the colon.

The Tandem Snare’s™ two wire loops work together to securely hold, precisely cut, and efficiently retrieve the polyp — all in one step.

The Product & Advantages

Tandem Technologies has developed one device for precise polyp removal and retrieval. The Tandem Snare’s™ two wire loops work together to securely hold, precisely cut, and efficiently retrieve the polyp —all in one step. With the Company’s device, large polyps are removed in a single piece, reducing resections and increasing the retrieval rate.

  • Simplifies the procedure and saves time
  • Offers fast, precise placement of the snare’s loop on the polyp
  • Enables complete polyp removal in one piece
  • Increases the retrieval rate
  • Improves pathology

The Team

Noam Hassidov Tandem Technologies

Tandem Technologies CEO Noam Hassidov

  • Noam Hassidov, Founder & CEO: Experienced medtech entrepreneur; over eight years specializing in the gastrointestinal field; former CEO, Motus GI, under his management successfully raised $15 million, received CE mark, performed clinical studies in 80 patients
  • Ori Segol, M.D., Medical Director: Head of Gastroenterology Department, Carmel Medical Center, Israel; highly experienced in performing advanced endoscopic procedures; governing board of Israel Gastroenterology Association; 10+ years consulting to medical device companies, including Sightline, Stryker, and NiTi
  • Omer Shem Tov, R&D Lab Manager: R&D experience with medical device development and manufacturing; previously, worked in development at Intel Israel and medical device companies Medinol and Motus GI


Founded: October 2015
Stage: Technology development
Investor: The Trendlines Group
IP: PCT patent

Background & Market

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, the lifetime risk of developing CRC is 5%. When diagnosed early, the 5-year survival rate reaches 90%.

Colonoscopy is the most common screening procedure for CRC. During a colonoscopy, if polyps are detected, they are removed — and retrieved — as over time some polyps may become cancerous. A histological evaluation of the polyp is a critical step toward identifying a pre-malignant condition and determining treatment protocols.

Polyps larger than 6 millimeters are usually removed using a wire loop (snare) that encircles and cuts the polyp. Due to polyp shape, size, and location, snares cannot securely encircle and remove the entire polyp in a single step, which is problematic as parts of the polyp may remain intact and increase the risk of developing cancer. A second tool — a retrieval device (shaped like a basket or net) — is used to catch the resected polyp and remove it from the body. Locating and retrieving the resected polyp inside the long colon with its many bends and folds is challenging. Up to 10% of resected polyps are lost inside the colon, making histological evaluation impossible.

Colonoscopy is the most prevalent CRC screening method in the United States. Annually, an estimated 23 million colonoscopies are performed in the United States, and 50 million worldwide.

Market leaders include Olympus, Boston Scientific, Pentax Medical, Kimberly Clark, EndoChoice, Fujinon, Medivators, and ConMed.


CEO Noam Hassidov presents at Trendlines 7th Annual Company Showcase in 2017.

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Tandem Snare
The Tandem Snare precisely removes and retrieves polyps in the colon — in one step.


Noam Hassidov, Founder & CEO

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