sZone is developing a real-time, noninvasive hydration monitor.

Today, dehydration is detected using blood tests or urinalysis, which require a visit to the clinic or hospital. The results of these tests may not be immediate. Unfortunately, this leads to a significant increase in hospital admissions due to the complications of dehydration.

There is no device on the market to accurately monitor hydration in real time for people at risk: runners and athletes, people with chronic illnesses, and the elderly.

The Product & Advantages

sZone is developing an easy-to-use, noninvasive device to accurately detect hydration in real time. The user simply places the tip of the device on the tongue (similar to a thermometer) and presses a button on the device.

Using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), the device can determine the body’s hydration level in seconds. BIA is a common method of assessing the body’s composition.

sZone is suitable for athletes, the elderly, children, and chronically ill people. For diabetics, and people with kidney problems or cardiovascular disease, dehydration may be especially dangerous and requires immediate medical attention.

Background & Market

Dehydration occurs when the body loses too much water. It happens when a person exercises, does physical activity, has an illness, or is just outside on a very hot day.

A minimal loss in total body water — between 5% and 10% — may lead to dizziness and a feeling of tiredness. A loss between 10% and 15% may lead to confusion and other physical symptoms. Even a loss as low as 15% may lead to death.

Dehydration also affects the level of electrolytes or minerals (such sodium, calcium, postassium) in the body, which are essential to human health and keep our body’s systems functioning efficiently.

The good news: When dehydration is identified early enough, it is completely treatable, and in many cases, its effects are reversible. The treatment is to replenish the body with lost fluids and important minerals.

There is a huge market opportunity in China. Although up to 28% of people in China regularly engage in sports, a significant number of people suffer from chronic illnesses:

  • 114 million diabetics
  • 135 million with chronic kidney disease
  • 230 million with cardiovascular disease


See the company presentation (English PDF).

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See the company presentation in Chinese (PDF). 点击查阅中文介绍(PDF格式)。

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