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Stimatix™ GI’s reliable, low-profile line of bowel management appliances significantly improves the quality of life for people with stomas.

The Product

Stimatix GI has developed the Artificial Ostomy Sphincter (AOS) product line with its AOS-1000™ and AOS-C2000™ products, unique colostomy devices that provide voluntary bowel evacuation.

Aesthetically designed and easy to use, the AOS products seal the stoma and eliminate the problems inherent in wearing traditional adhesive bags. These proprietary low- profile colostomy appliances allow people with stoma to decide, at their convenience, when and where to evacuate. With the AOS products, evacuation routine is easier, quicker, and cleaner than ever. And, as the stoma is hermetically sealed, skin irritation and folliculitis are eliminated.

The Team

  • Zeev Bronfeld, Chairman: Vast experience in management and value-building of biotechnology companies; co-founder, CEO, director of Biocell Ltd. (TASE: BCEL), active in the biopharmaceutical industry; director of numerous publicly traded medical device companies, including D. Medical Industries (Nasdaq: DMED, TASE: DMDC), Biomedix Incubator (TASE: BMDX), Flowsense Medical. (TASE: FLSN) and ETVieww (TASE: ETVW); B.A., economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • David Hanuka, CEO: Extensive experience in medical device companies leading R&D and operations departments, bringing 13 medical devices to American, European, Canadian, and others markets; former VP of R&D, Vision Sciences Inc. (Nasdaq: VSCI), a N.Y.-based medical device public company specializing in flexible endoscope and videoscope; COO and R&D project manager, CByond Ltd. (Olympus-ACMI subsidiary), specializing in minimal invasive surgery market; MBA, Haifa University; B.Sc., electrical engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Ron Greenberg, M.D., Medical Advisor: Senior surgeon, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center; vast experience in minimally invasive intestinal surgery, lecturer, published numerous articles
  • Eric G. Weiss, M.D., Medical Advisor: Vice Chairman, Department of Colorectal Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Florida; DIO and chairman, Graduate Medical and Residency Program, Colorectal Surgery Residency Training
  • Meir Or, R&D Team Leader: M.Sc. and B.Sc., biomedical engineering (biomechanics specialty), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology


Stage: Business development
Founded: 2009
Investors: The Trendlines Group, Pontifax, Lazarus, private investors
Awards: 2011, Best Start-Up, Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy

Background & Market

For the past 50 years there has been no major breakthrough in stoma care for ostomy patients. Stoma, an artificial opening in the abdomen, is the result of a surgical procedure in which the colon or ileum is cut and brought through the abdominal wall. Medical conditions that may require a stoma include cancer, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease. The bowel contents automatically pass through this opening and are collected in a bag that is worn 24/7 over the stoma. A typical ostomy appliance includes a shield to protect the skin from the potentially acidic bowel contents and a disposable bag in which waste matter is collected.

People with stomas face numerous obstacles: psychological and social issues, difficulties with bag management, irritated skin around the stoma resulting from adhesive bags and possible bowel leakage, folliculitis, and embarrassing sounds and odors.

Worldwide there are an estimated 1.5 million people with stoma who use ostomy bags daily. The ostomy care market is selling $2 billion annually. It is led by three ostomy bag suppliers: ConvaTec, Coloplast, and Hollister, who together hold more than 90% of the market. Ostomy bags comprise over 90% of the market with a CAGR greater than 4%.

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The Stimatix product line of low-profile colostomy appliances significantly improves the quality of life for people with stomas.


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