PolyTouch Medical

PolyTouch was acquired by Covidien in 2011.

PolyTouch has developed PatchAssist™, an FDA-cleared laparoscopic surgical instrument that enables accurate and rapid delivery and placement of soft tissue prosthetics (including hernia mesh products) for a variety of procedures, including laparoscopic ventral hernia repair (LVHR).

Product & Advantages

Proper mesh deployment and placement in laparoscopic hernia repair is crucial to a patient’s quick recovery, low post-procedure morbidity and reduced rate of hernia recurrence. To date, no accurate, standard, and objective method exists. PolyTouch Medical’s novel device enables accurate abdominal cavity mesh placement, potentially reducing operation time by 30%-50%.

  • Accurate mesh positioning reduces the risk of hernia recurrence
  • Quicker mesh deployment and placement reduces operation time
  • Simplified current laparoscopic technique and rapid adoption


Founded: 2009
In the media: Covidien acquires PolyTouch Medical

The Market

There are more than 400,000 ventral hernia repair procedures performed annually in the United States, with 45% performed laparoscopically. While the total number of VHR procedures is growing at a rate of 8%, the number of LVHR procedures is growing almost 3 times faster at 21%, emphasizing the need for solutions that will shorten the procedure and will reduce the learning curve. The total worldwide market potential for PatchAssist is estimated at $300 million.

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