OrthoSpin is developing a smart external fixation system to allow real-time physician follow-up and to reduce dependency on patient compliance.

The OrthoSpin Opportunity

The market seeks an easy-to-use, automatic, external fixation device to increase patient compliance, provide physicians with real-time data, and improve treatment outcomes.

  • Physicians are excited about and validated the concept during the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) conference in March 2016.
  • Alpha version of system ready for clinical trials.
  • OrthoSpin’s market opportunity is primarily the $450 million circular and hexapod fixation device market.

The Product & Advantages

Comprised of a strut powered by a lightweight motor and a control box placed on top of the circular, hexapod fixation frame, OrthoSpin’s system automatically and continuously adjusts and lengthens the struts according to the prescribed treatment regimen — without patient involvement.

With OrthoSpin’s smart system, physicians are assured that the prescribed course of treatment is being followed. The Company’s proprietary software program allows physicians to chart patient progress and, if required, to easily change the treatment schedule.

  • Highly accurate frame adjustments
  • Reduced dependency on patient compliance
  • Real-time feedback on progress
  • Reduced revision surgeries

Accurate and continuous lengthening throughout the treatment period is expected to reduce damage to soft tissues.

The Team

OrthoSpin CEO Oren Cohen

OrthoSpin CEO Oren Cohen with a prototype of the Company’s smart external fixation system.

  • Oren Cohen, CEO:  More than 10 years’ experience with medical devices and communications companies; previously, senior positions at Neuronix, Medtronic, Spectrum Dynamics, Karmel Sonics, Qualcomm, Primesense; BSc, electrical engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
  • Ofer Vikinsky, Co-Founder and CTO: Managerial and R&D experience in medical device companies; founder, In-Vio Medical, specializing in mechanical design of medical devices; MBA, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; BSc, biomedical engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Yoni Epstein, Co-Founder: Co-founder and CEO, Anchora Medical; former co-founder and CEO, InnoLap Surgical, acquired by Teleflex (NYSE: TFX); General Manager of Emergency Medicine business unit, Deep Breeze; Marketing Director; advocate; MBA (magna cum laude) Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Liraz Shlomoff, Co-Founder: CEO, Trimaco Surgical, major Israeli orthopedic device distributor; partner, Carevature, development of smart tools and procedures for orthopedic surgery
  • Assaf Dekel, MD, Active Director: Practicing orthopedic surgeon with more than 13 years of experience in the medical device industry; founded OrthoSpace and NeatStitch; leading role in various early-stage companies; MD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Trendlines’ directors: Todd Dollinger, Shahar Harari

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Scott Nelson, MD, Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, Loma Linda University Medical Center, California
  • Haim Shtarker, MD, Director, Department of Orthopedics A and Pediatric Orthopedics, Galilee Medical Center, Israel
  • Eitan Segev, MD, Director, Limb Deformity Correction and Lengthening Service, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel
  • John E. Herzenberg, MD, Director, Pediatric Orthopedics, Sinai Hospital, and Director, ICLL; directly trained on limb lengthening with Professor Ilizarov in Russia


Founded: December 2014
Stage: Business development
Investor: The Trendlines Group
IP: 1 National phase (U.S., EU, China); 1 provisional


In the Media

Background & Market

External fixation devices are often the first line of treatment for lengthening bone, setting complex fractures, and correcting deformities. Major drawbacks of these devices are the lack of patient compliance and real-time data for improved physician follow-up during the lengthy rehabilitation period.

For treatment to be effective, patients need to adjust the frame on a daily basis. This requires manually turning the struts (rods) up to four times per day to promote bone distraction (moving two segments of a bone slowly apart), growth, and healing. Manual adjustments and complicated patient training often result in misuse and non-compliance that leads to increased pain, poor clinical outcomes, and repeat surgeries.

According to company estimates, OrthoSpin addresses the $450 million circular and hexapod fixation frame and other external fixation devices that use adjustable struts.

Now Funding

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CEO Oren Cohen presents at Trendlines 7th Annual Company Showcase in 2017.

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CEO Oren Cohen presents OrthoSpin at a Trendlines Medical Asia Road Show event.

OrthoSpin product
The OrthoSpin strut and control box are part of a smart external fixation system.


Oren Cohen, CEO

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