MiRobot is developing the next-generation automatic robotic milking system for cost-effective, high-performance milking in medium and large dairy farms (150 to >1,000 cows).

The MiRobot Opportunity

  • Robotics and big data represent an attractive investment sector.
    • Robotics in agriculture, specifically, is a popular investment area.
    • Venture capital investment in 2016 totaled nearly $2 billion.
    • In 2016, there were more than 50 M&A robotics deals totaling more than $19 billion (The Robot Report).
  • MiRobot’s system represents an affordable add-on —
    • Reduces labor costs by >67%
    • Increases parlor throughput by >40%
    • Yields better quality milk

The Product & Advantages

MiRobot is developing next-generation robotic milking systems for cost-effective, high-performance automatic milking in medium and large dairy farms (150-1,000+ head). Designed as an add-on to conventional milking parlor equipment, MiRobot’s system comprises fully automatic robotic arms installed in each milking stall. The robotic arms perform cleaning, stimulating, attaching the milking cluster, and post-milking routines to enable a milking procedure that is very high quality and uniform.

The MiRobot multi-stall system will allow farmers to –

  • establish big data infrastructure in the milking parlor, and
  • milk dozens of cows simultaneously with only one supervisor, compared to current operations, which requires three to six operators.

Current milking parlor vs. milking parlor with MiRobot

MiRobot comparison

The Team

MiRobot CEO Tal Bareket

MiRobot CEO Tal Bareket presents at Trendlines 6th Annual Company Showcase.

  • Tal Bareket, PhD, CTO & CEO: Former VP R&D, Afimilk, a world leader in dairy herd management systems; PhD, cognitive psychology, Tel Aviv University; MSc, industrial engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
  • Yossi Ackerman, Chairman: Former president, Elbit Systems, a $3 billion Israeli enterprise; actively supports MiRobot’s transition from development to commercialization with extensive experience and rich network of contacts

Trendlines’ directors: Nitza Kardish, Steve Rhodes

Status & Achievement

Founded: March 2011
 Technology development
Investors: The Trendlines Group, private investor group led by Yossi Ackerman
IP: 2 major patents, one granted, second pending
Achievement: A fully functioning prototype installed in a working milking parlor, operating on live cows has demonstrated MiRobot’s patent-pending system works under the most rigorous conditions and successfully performs pre- and post-milking routines.

In the Media

Background & Market

Current routines in conventional milking parlors rely extensively on manual operations: cleaning, stimulating milk release, attaching the milking equipment, and disinfecting the teats after milking. Trained operators perform these repetitive routines, which may result in inconsistent quality of performance, sub-optimal throughput of the milking stalls, and drive up labor costs.

Key markets (United States, Western Europe, Australia) include more than 100,000 dairy farms with 150 cows or more. According to MiRobot estimates, the market potential in these markets is nearly $4 billion.


MiRobot CEO Tal Bareket presents at Trendlines 6th Annual Showcase.
MiRobot milking robot
A prototype of MiRobot's milking robot.


Tal Bareket, CEO

MiRobot logo

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