MetoMotion is developing a novel, multipurpose robotic system to reduce reliance on high-cost human labor in greenhouse vegetable production.

The Product & Advantages

MetoMotion is developing a multipurpose robotic system for labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses, to reduce the reliance on and high costs of human labor in greenhouse vegetable production.

The Company’s first application will be a robotic harvester for greenhouse tomatoes.

MetoMotion’s robotic harvester components:

  • automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
  • multiple robotic arms
  • advanced vision system
  • proprietary harvesting component tailored to the specific vegetable

The system is being designed for easy operation and smooth integration into existing greenhouse practices.

The harvester will significantly reduce the number of workers needed for the vegetable production cycle: one operator per five harvesters. It will minimize fruit damage and increase production efficiency. MetoMotion estimates a 50% reduction in harvest-related labor costs with its harvesting system.

MetoMotion’s systems can be easily adapted to perform a range of greenhouse tasks, including harvesting additional vegetables, pruning, monitoring, and pollination.


Founded: November 2016
Stage: Technology development
Investor: The Trendlines Group
Achievements: proof of concept, developing prototype


  • Adi Nir, CEO: More than 15 years’ experience in multidisciplinary product development in the aerospace industry, including management, system engineering, and project management; M.Sc., B.Sc., mechanical engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
  • Omer Nir, CTO: Advanced product development of robotic systems for agriculture applications; previously, R&D engineer at Ricor, a leader in miniature cryogenic coolers; M.Sc., agricultural engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; B.Sc., mechanical engineering, Braude Engineering College

Background & Market

Labor costs in greenhouses comprise 30% to 50% of total greenhouses production costs. The use of greenhouses to grow vegetables is expanding to meet the increasing demand for quality produce year-round. With rising labor costs and difficulties in finding and maintaining qualified workers, growers are moving toward technology to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

The total world greenhouse vegetable production area is 473,000 hectares. MetoMotion is first targeting the high-tech greenhouse sector where automatic systems are in use, and there is a strong movement toward robotics. High-tech greenhouses are 10% of the market. The majority are glass and located in northern Europe. Assuming one robot per hectare, the Company estimates the potential of its first target market to be around $2 billion, with an ROI in less than three years for the grower.


CEO Adi Nir presents at Trendlines 7th Annual Company Showcase in 2017.


Adi Nir, CEO
MetoMotion logo

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