Metabolic Robots

Founder, Ziv Dubinsky, awarded Prime Minister Prize for Initiatives and Innovation

The Need

The poultry industry operates on razor-thin margins. While feed costs for live broilers comprise between 50% and 70% of overall production costs*, there is a growing need to optimize the rate at which feed is converted into meat (the feed conversion ratio, FCR). Standard feeding systems distribute large portions of feed at preset times, without accounting for real-time demand, breed requirements, or flock behavior. The animals do not feed according to their actual needs, causing stress and infighting.

The need: Improved efficiency to maximize poultry weight and reduce the FCR for greater profitability.

The Product

 Metabolic Robots’ novel poultry feeding system uses proprietary algorithms to automatically calibrate and dispense feed in real time according to actual flock demand. The system is operated by a master controller, which is designed with an easy-to-read touch screen. Data is collected from standard sensors placed in the feeding trays, then analyzed and compiled into reports the farmer can access on a mobile device or computer. The system is designed to integrate into any existing or new feeding system.

The Advantages

  • Reduces feed consumed to produce desired weight
  • Lowers mortality rates
  • Improves uniformity in weight across the flock
  • Alerts growers to variations in flock behavior (e.g., an indication of disease)
  • Manages broiler house operation for increased efficiency
  • Improves animal welfare, a growing industry concern

The Team

  • Ziv Dubinsky, CTO and Founder: Former R&D team leader at Shekel (world leader in sensor technology), poultry production expert and entrepreneur
  • Nitzan Barazani, COO: Former general manager at Technoplast, production manager at Keter Plastic
  • Guy Malchi, VP, Business Development: Industrial engineer with over 18 years international experience in executive management, commercial and business development
  • Aart van’t Land, Board Member: Director business development, Lely Holding, The Netherlands
  • Eran Ararat, Advisor: Poultry industry expert, >20 years selling poultry breeds and working with growers

The Market

The 50 leading world poultry companies control approximately 650,000 broiler houses, of which approximately 260,000 houses (~40%) are in medium to large farms. Poultry consumption is forecasted to increase by 45% from 2010 to 2030 (Agriculture Commodity Markets Outlook 2011-2020, European Commission), expanding the need and opportunity for the Metabolic Robots system.

*Tony C. Dreibus, Elizabeth Campbell, “Good Dirt Gone Dry Wilting Corn Crop as Food Costs Rally,” Bloomberg, July 17, 2012

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Automatic, on-demand poultry feeding system

At a Glance

Ziv Dubinsky, CTO, awarded Prime Minister Prize

Stage: Business development
Founded: 2013
Investor: The Trendlines Group
IP: National phase in 7 countries covering methods, device and algorithms; PCT pending covering additional algorithms


8 beta systems operating in 3 locations, including a large poultry equipment manufacturer and large growers


Ziv Dubinsky, CTO & Founder
Mobile: +972.52.452.0748