Metabolic Robots

The Metabolic Robots team

The Metabolic Robots team (l to r): COO Nitzan Barazani, CEO Dave Springer, and CTO and Founder Ziv Dubinsky

The Need

The profitability of the poultry industry has long depended on razor-thin margins and on fluctuating commodity feed prices. Feed costs for live broilers comprise between 50% and 70% of overall production costs1. Today’s standard feeding systems waste feed by providing large portions of food, without accounting for real-time demand, poultry growth charts and other ambient factors. The poultry do not feed according to their actual needs, causing stress and infighting, and resulting in higher mortality rates and reduced profitability.

The Product

Metabolic Robots Feeding Systems’ (MRFS) novel technology provides poultry farmers with a system for automatic, real-time calibration of the amount and rate of feed dispensed. Measured feeding increases food intake efficiency, reduces stress, and improves animal welfare for significant gains in profitability and decreased mortality rates.

The company’s first product, the Kai Zen 5 robot and cloud-based data analysis software, calibrates the feed amount and rate according to breed, genetics, animal age, and actual food demand in the coop, optimizing the feed conversion rate; that is, the rate at which feed is converted into meat product. Using Metabolic Robots’ technology, poultry producers can increase revenues by 10% to 20%.

The Team

  • Dave Springer, CEO: Former CEO of Mobile Research Labs (MRL), former CEO of Vumii, experienced in early-stage start-ups
  • Ziv Dubinsky, CTO, Founder: Former product manager at Shekel (world leader in sensor technology) and entrepreneur
  • Nitzan Barazani, COO: Former general manager at Technoplast, production manager at Keter Plastic

The Market

According to the USDA, there are 8.4 million broiler farms worldwide. Initially, Metabolic Robots is aiming at four target markets: North America, South America, Europe and Israel, which together have over 100,000 broiler houses, with a market potential about $1 billion.

Poultry consumption is forecasted to increase by 45% from 2010 to 2030 (Agriculture Commodity Markets Outlook 2011-2020, European Commission), a global market of tens of billions of dollars for Metabolic Robots.

*Tony C. Dreibus, Elizabeth Campbell, “Good Dirt Gone Dry Wilting Corn Crop as Food Costs Rally,” Bloomberg, July 17, 2012


Cloud-based, automated poultry feeding system

At a Glance

Stage: Technology Development
Founded: 2013
Investor: The Trendlines Group
IP: Method and algorithm; National patents pending in 7 countries


Dave Springer, CEO
Mobile: +972.50.641.2674