IonMed has developed the BioWeld1 system for would closure and skin graft fixation that eliminates sutures and staples.

The Product & Advantages

IonMed’s BioWeld1 incision closure and skin graft fixation system introduces a new process based on cold plasma (ionized gas) used in combination with chitosan film (biological material) for surgical would closure and skin graft fixation without staples or sutures.

Chitoplast™, a medical adhesive plaster that incorporates a chitosan film, is applied over the incision edges. Cold plasma is applied to the chitosan film and incision area for an effective closure and start of the healing process.

Biowelding seals the wound and promotes coagulation, enhances healing of chronic wounds, and presents a noninvasive alternative to surgical staples or stitches

The Team

Shai Levanon, CEO of IonMed, arrives at Trendlines Company Showcase.

Shai Levanon, CEO of IonMed, arrives at Trendlines 5th Annual Company Showcase.

  • Shai Levanon, CEO: 25 years in senior positions at technology and medtech companies, Rcadia Medical Imaging (CEO), MTS (Nasdaq) and Cellonet (President & CEO), Advanced Vision Technology (VP Sales & Marketing), Nice Systems (VP Sales); B.Sc., electrical engineering
  • Michael Maller, R&D Chief Engineer: Six years’ experience with development of complex medical products; M.Sc., biomedical engineering, B.A., physics and biology
  • Yaara Yarmut, DVM, Clinical Manager: Four years’ experience in the clinical and regulatory field of medical devices; doctor of veterinary medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; qualified CRA

Status & Achievements

Stage: Business development
Founded: 2009
Investors: The Trendlines Group and Generali Financial Holdings Fund
IP: Strong IP, including broad coverage of the plasma-generating device and its use in medical applications and broad coverage of the chitoplast components and their use in tissue welding

  • CE mark
  • Successful clinical trial (C-sections)
  • Q4 2015 Preliminary sales

In the Media

Background & Market

Traditional methods of suturing and stapling are effective, but not ideal. For example, suturing is cost-effective but time-consuming and user-dependent, and while stapling offers a more rapid and consistent solution, it is significantly more expensive and associated with suboptimal cosmetic results, anastomotic strictures, and the potential for leaks in internal applications.

The IonMed BioWeld1 system provides an entry point into the more than $5 billion surgical closure market and wound care market, which is expected to reach $14.8 billion in 2018 (Global Industry Analysts, Inc.). Overall, there are 5 million skin grafts annually in the EU and a comparable number in the United States (venous and diabetic ulcers, skin malignancies, burns). There are more than 70 million surgeries in the United States annually, which require incision closures, including 40 million in operating room settings and 30 million in outpatient settings.


Shai Levanon presents at the 5th Annual Trendlines Showcase.

Shai Levanon presents at a Trendlines U.S. Road Show event.

IonMed cold plasma
IonMed's cold plasma wound closure system.


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