The Need

Tissue approximation is a key step in surgery, for example during closure of skin incisions, intestinal anastomosis and anatomical repairs such as hernia and urinary incontinence. Traditional methods of suturing and stapling are effective, yet not ideal. For example, suturing is cost-effective but time-consuming and user-dependent; and while stapling offers a more rapid and consistent solution, it is significantly more expensive and associated with suboptimal cosmetic results, anastomotic strictures and potential for leaks in internal applications.

The Product

To overcome this challenge and tap the large potential of plasma for use in surgery, IonMed has developed a proprietary cold plasma surgical system. BioWeld1™, a cold plasma-based surgical system, comprises a generator, handheld piece, and single-use plasma head. To optimize tissue welding, IonMed’s solution also includes a solder derived from chitosan, which together with the cold plasma jet induces rapid clotting and tissue welding. The system can be used with various end-effectors.

Biowelding presents an effective option for a variety of skin closure applications, including skin grafts. The IonMed system has been tested for safety and efficacy of skin closure in several preclinical trials, which were followed by successful clinical studies that demonstrated closure of both laparoscopic and C-section incisions. The studies showed safety, effective closure, and a good cosmetic outcome.

The Advantages

  • Plasma, which is ionized gas, has received significant exposure as the next-generation energy solution for numerous surgical applications.
  • Plasma enables tissue welding, tissue disinfection, promotes hemostasis, and enhances healing of chronic wounds, all of which represent vast clinical needs and market opportunities. Yet, to date, the use of plasma in surgical procedures has been curtailed due to the high temperature profile of thermal plasma (>80ºC), which causes damage to adjacent tissues.

The Team

  • Shai Levanon, CEO: B.Sc., electrical engineering; 25 years’ high-tech experience, including key positions in management, marketing, sales, business development; more than 8 years managing a medical device company
  • Michael Maller, R&D Chief Engineer: M.Sc., biomedical engineering, B.A. physics and biology
  • Yaara Yarmut, DVM, Clinical Manager: Qualified equine veterinarian, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; qualified CRA, Bioforum


Advanced tissue welding enabled by cold plasma

At a Glance

Stage: Business development
Founded: 2009
IP: Differentiated technology is covered by six pending patents that capture innovations in plasma energy deposition and enable practical implementation of surgical cold plasma (<40ºC)

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Shai Levanon, CEO
Mobile: +972.54.454.1900