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InnoLap Surgical was acquired by Teleflex in September 2013.

The InnoLap Surgical device leads to a new generation of scar-free laparoscopic procedures.

The Product & Advantages

The proprietary device comprises a handle, thin 3 millimeter needle, and 5-10 millimeter detachable and replaceable operating heads (for example, graspers, scissors, dissectors).

The InnoLap Surgical device utilizes a standard port and 3 millimeter needles inserted percutaneously. These extremely small punctures do not require stitches and do not leave scars, resulting in a scar-free procedure without the clinical complications of a complex, expensive operation — and at a more economical price.

InnoLap’s device improves and simplifies laparoscopic surgery. Using the device leverages surgeons’ know-how since it is based on the existing laparoscopic procedure. This platform enjoys the benefits of single-incision methods without the drawbacks. It benefits the entire value chain.

  • Patients: no visible scarring, less pain
  • Surgeons: no change in surgical expertise, no stitching, no restriction on instrument head diameter or entry points
  • Hospitals: reduced cost, fewer complications, shorter length of stay (LOS)


Founded: 2012
In the mediaInnoLap Surgical acquired by Teleflex

Background & Market

Laparoscopic procedures have improved tremendously in the past decade. Still, there are problems. Industry giants are investing heavily in new methods such as navel single incision (SILS™), needloscopy, and NOTES (natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery) to eliminate incisions and the associated scars and complications. However, these new methods are expensive, demand a high level of expertise, and increase operating time. Safety too remains a key concern. There is a strong need for scar-free laparoscopic techniques that require only minimal changes to current procedures and surgical know-how.

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