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Hargol FoodTech (formerly Steak TzarTzar) has developed optimized methods and technology to enable grow large quantities of grasshoppers quickly in captivity. 

The Product & Advantages

Hargol FoodTech uses unique technologies to grow and harvest large quantities of grasshoppers in captivity quickly, efficiently, and under sanitary conditions. The result is a reliable, sustainable, and high-quality protein source. Hargol’s products will include grasshopper protein powder, food additives, nutritional supplements and pet food.

As the world’s first commercial grasshopper framer, Hargol FoodTech is offering a new protein source to meet the tremendous market need and opportunity. Read more about the idea behind Hargol FoodTech.

  • Superior nutrient content: up to 70% protein, all essential amino acids, omega-3, omega-6, iron, zinc, folic acid, chitin
  • Year-round production as opposed to limited seasons in the wild results in a continuous supply to meet growing demand
  • Reduced egg incubation period increases annual cycles from 1 to 10
  • Innovative cage structure for vertical farming enables growing 10x more biomass per m² while improving sanitary conditions
  • Optimized feeding reduces growing costs and improves nutrient content
  • Zero waste, all materials converted into product
  • Efficient growth and production methods reduce resources and increase margins
  • Neutral taste/flavor, minimal processing
  • Only kosher and halal insect
Hargol FoodTech grasshopper

Did you know? Hargol FoodTech grasshoppers are kosher.

The Hargol Opportunity

  • Edible insects are gaining momentum as a high protein alternative that is efficient to produce, low cost, and requires minimal resources.
  • With insects already an integral part of the diet of more than 2.5 billion people, and growing awareness of insects’ advantages in new food markets.
  • Consumed by over 1 billion people, grasshoppers are the world’s most edible insect.
  • Grasshoppers provide superior nutrient content at over 70% whole protein, plus lipids, iron, zinc, and more.

The Team

Steak TzarTzar team

The Hargol FoodTech founders (from left): CEO Dror Tamir, COO Ben Friedman, CTO Chanan Aviv

  • Dror Tamir, Co-Founder & CEO: Over 25 years’ experience in strategic planning, marketing, and finance management; founded numerous companies, including several involved in food/nutrition
  • Chanan Aviv, Co-Founder & CTO: Growing and breeding insects and livestock for more than 30 years
  • Ben Friedman, Co-Founder & COO: Serial entrepreneur with over 16 years’ experience in strategic operational management

Trendlines’ directors: Nitza Kardish, Sarai Kemp


Founded: 2014, incorporated in 2016
Stage: Business development, growth
Investors: The Trendlines Group, Sirius Ventures (Singapore), SLJ Investment Partners (Holland), WeWork (United States)


Hargol FoodTech has won numerous international competitions:

Hargol does it again! CEO Dror Tamir (2nd from right) battled to victory in the middleweight category at Get In The Ring Global competition in Singapore.

Hargol does it again! CEO Dror Tamir (2nd from right) battled to victory in the middleweight category at the Get In The Ring Global competition in Singapore.


Hargol CEO Dror Tamir (right) accepts the StarTau TLV Startup Challenge prize from the Uruguayan Minister of Agriculture.

Hargol CEO Dror Tamir (right) accepts the StarTau TLV Startup Challenge prize from the Uruguayan Minister of Agriculture Carolina Cosse.


  • Q1 2018: Launched product
  • Accelerate R&D on feed alternatives and grasshopper density while increasing production capacity
  • Successfully completed 15 full cycles of hatchery protocol
  • Q3 2017: Established world’s first commercial-scale grasshopper farm

In the Media

Hargol FoodTech has received significant media attention. Selected articles:

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  • May 2018: Video interview with Ben Friedman, The Future of Everything Festival, New York
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  • Q&A with the 2016 Prize Finalists [Food+City Challenge Prize]: Steak TzarTzar (Food+City)

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Background & Market

To feed the expanding world population, the world is actively seeking high protein food from sustainable sources and at affordable costs.

Edible insects provide a high-quality protein alternative that is efficient to produce and requires minimal resources. Insects are an integral part of the diet of more than 2.5 billion people globally. With an increasing awareness of insects’ advantages in new food markets, there is a growing opportunity for quality insect products that can be mass produced efficiently and economically.

Current products are based on crickets, mealworms, and flies. Grasshoppers are a superior protein source in every aspect, but growing challenges have limited grasshopper-based products in the market.

Grasshoppers are the world’s most popular edible insect. Consumed and considered a delicacy by more than 1 billion people around the world, grasshoppers enjoy high market demand and prices.

The U.S. protein ingredient market exceeds $35 billion (Nutrition Business Journal). By 2054, alternative protein will comprise 33% of the total protein market, with 50% from insects, algae, and bioengineered proteins (Lux Research). The edible insect business in Europe is projected to reach $380 million in 2020 (New Nutrition Business).


Watch CEO Dror Tamir's interview on ILTV.

CEO Dror Tamir pitches at the Alltech Showcase 2017 in Dublin.

Hear Dror Tamir at the 2017 TLV StartUp Challenge in Tel Aviv.

CEO Dror Tamir presents at Trendlines' 6th Annual Showcase in 2016.


Dror Tamir, CEO


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