GreenSpense’s Eco-Sleeve enables gas-free continuous dispensing that eliminates the need for pressurized canisters and maintains the desired convenient user experience.

The Product & Advantages

The Eco-Sleeve generates high pressure (that is directed to the center of the package only) and enables innovative packaging designs with low-cost, recyclable materials such as plastic or cardboard. Easy to implement in production lines, the patent-pending technology works with dual-compartment dispensers, exerting consistent pressure throughout the entire dispensing process.

  • Allows manufacturer differentiation through the use of new packaging materials and shapes
  • Significantly reduces the costs of filling and packaging
  • Saves storage, transportation, and handling costs
  • Environmentally friendly, gas-free, recyclable, biodegradable
  • Maintains the desired user experience and convenience of aerosols by providing continuous self-dispensing

Status & Achievements

Stage: Revenue
Founded: December 2011
Investor: The Trendlines Group
IP: 5 patents submitted; additional patents in process
Achievements: Completed sleeve development

  • 2015, Frost & Sullivan Sustainable Packaging New Product Innovation Award Winner
  • 2013, International Cleantech Open Ideas Competition (Chemistry & Advanced Materials Global Ideas category), 2nd place (Overall)

In the Media

GreenSpense F&S Award Logo

The Team

  • Gadi Har-shai, CEO, CTO & Founder: More than 20 years of experience in various high- and low-tech industries, managing complex projects and organizations for global companies, including Objet-Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS), Creo-Kodak, Orbotech (Nasdaq: ORBK), Iscar Metalworking (Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Amir Biran, Co-Founder: More than 20 years of executive experience, CEO at Zoomix Data Mastering (led its acquisition by Microsoft) and Viola Networks, and in positions at Better On Line Solutions and Elbit Systems

Trendlines’ director: Steve Rhodes

 Background & Market

Aerosols and continuous dispensers are widely used to dispense sprays, foams, or gels. More than 15 billion aerosols are produced worldwide (FEA European Aerosol Federation Annual Report 2014) and dispense products from personal care, household and technical items to food and pharmaceuticals.

Aerosols provide an efficient and convenient user experience. But, safety risks; packaging limitations; added production, storage, and transportation costs; and pressure from green organizations and government regulations — all due to the use of pressurized gas — are driving consumer product manufacturers and brand companies to search for environmentally friendly, safer, and more cost-effective dispensing solutions.

Prototypes of the novel GreenSpense gas-free dispensers
Propellant-free dispensing technology from GreenSpense unleashes new options for packaging materials and designs.


Gadi Har-shai, CEO, CTO & Founder

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