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Gordian Surgical’s TroClose1200™ is a novel integrated port closure system. 

The Product & Advantages

The TroClose1200 offers surgeons a simple, secure, and safe solution to open and close the abdominal wall during laparoscopic procedures.

Instead of inserting closure sutures in the fascia at the end of a procedure, Gordian’s uniquely designed “two-in-one” trocar efficiently inserts sutures into the tissue surrounding the cannula at the beginning of the procedure. When the cannula is removed, the surgeon closes the fascia by simply tying the TroClose 1200 sutures together.

  • Safe: reduced risk of organ damage
  • Simple: requires only minimal training
  • Saves time: up to 20 minutes per operation

Gordian’s TroClose1200 can be adapted to all types of trocars: bladed/bladeless, disposable/multiuse, and others.

The Team

Gordian Surgical CEO Zvi Peer shows the Company's novel trocar to CEOs Avner Geva (Vensica) and Omer Zelka (ElastiMed)

Gordian Surgical CEO Zvi Peer (center) shows the Company’s novel trocar to Vensica CEO Avner Geva (l) and ElastiMed CEO Omer Zelka (r).

  • Zvi Peer, CEO: Serial entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in medical devices and biotechnology; co-founder and CEO, Romtec Electronics (successful IPO and exit); co-founder and CEO of biotech companies Fulcrum SP and BioGroup Technology (exit); CEO, QRay, a light therapy medical device company
  • Leo R. Mindick, Chairman: Founder and CEO, Med-Tech Consultant Partners; years of experience in specialty medical devices, IP, regulatory, reimbursement; founder and former CEO multi-million-dollar specialty medical distribution company (later acquired)
  • Nissim Geron, M.D., Medical Director: Head of Surgery Department, Poriya Medical Center, Israel; vast experience in laparoscopic procedures
  • Amir Schvartzer, Project Manager: Biomedical engineer with over 9 years’ experience in laparoscopic devices, including R&D, QA/RA, training, support
  • Doni Mayerfeld, Marketing Director: Over 25+ years of medical device experience in numerous senior-level positions in general, cardiac, and orthopedic surgical products as well as in patient monitoring equipment; U.S. board certified physician assistant (New York state)
  • Stav Ben Shahar, Chief Operation Officer: Engineer with more than 8 years’ experience in operations and logistics at HP Indigo and Lumenis; B.Sc., engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Joel LeRoy, M.D.: Created and developed first surgical division of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) specializing in colorectal surgery; Co-Director, European Institute of TeleSurgery/Institute for Research in the Digestive Cancer (EITS/IRCAD)
  • Hien T. Nguyen, M.D.: Director, Comprehensive Hernia Center, and Assistant Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering; Associate Medical Director, Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID) School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
  • Edward H. Phillips, M.D.: Vice Chair and Professor, Department of Surgery; Director, Division of General Surgery, Storz Chair in MIS, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; developed the laparoscopic technique of common bile duct exploration, laparoscopic splenectomy, and nipple ductoscopy
  • Barry Salky, M.D.: Early adopter and pioneer of therapeutic laparoscopic surgery, primary focus: MIS of the GI tract with special interest in inflammatory bowel disease; Professor of Surgery, Mount Sinai Health System; originated the Division of Laparoscopic Surgery; current Secretary, SAGES Foundation; a Director of the International Federation of Surgical Endoscopic Societies (IFSES)
  • Steve Schwaitzberg, M.D.: Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; past president, SAGES


Founded: November 2012
Stage: Business development
Investors: The Trendlines Group, B. Braun, private investment funds (China and Canada), private investors, including key opinion leaders (surgeons)


  • January 2017: Thirteen U.S. surgeons completed 17 successful procedures in January using the Gordian Surgical system, marking the first time the system had been used in the United States; bringing total number of surgeries to nearly 75. Procedures were performed at a number of U.S. hospitals, including Mount Sinai in New York and Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and Florida.
  • December 2016: Gordian raises more than $2 million and receives FDA clearance (appeared in the media in Israel, Germany, Singapore, and elsewhere)
  • September 2016: TroClose1200™ receives CE clearance
  • April 2016: Successful first in human, clinical trials in 3 sites (Israel, India)
  • Completed Round A investment
  • IP: 3 patents (2 issued U.S. patents, 1 National phase)

In the Media

Background & Market

An estimated 10 million laparoscopic procedures are performed annually. While laparoscopic surgeries are less invasive, closing abdominal access ports remains a difficult and time-consuming task. Today, surgeons manually suture ports with a needle and thread, adding up to 20 minutes per operation. Some surgeons use a dedicated closure device, rather than needle and thread, adding significantly to procedure cost and presenting safety problems.

The global trocar and closure markets have yearly revenues of approximately $1 billion and $450 million, respectively. According to MarketStrat, J&J dominates the trocar market (50%), followed by Covidien (30%) and Applied Medical (15%).


CEO Zvi Peer presents at Trendlines 7th Annual Company Showcase in 2017.

See the company 1-page description in Chinese (PDF).

Gordian Surgical presentation.
See the Gordian presentation (PDF).


Zvi Peer, CEO
U.S.: +1.619.GORDIAN (467.3426)

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