FruitSpec is developing a system for highly accurate estimates of fruit tree yields — even at the green fruit stage. 

The FruitSpec Opportunity

  • FruitSpec’s technology is poised to solve the problem of inaccurate fruit yield estimation from an early stage (green fruit) — before key business decisions about crop maintenance/handling and sales projections are made.
  • With 47 million hectares (116 million acres) of fruit orchards, FruitSpec is positioned to have a major impact on the fruit yield estimation market — a $3.7 billion potential for FruitSpec, according to company estimates.
  • FruitSpec’s first target is round fruits, including citrus, apples, and pomegranates. Future development will be for vineyards.

The Product & Advantages

FruitSpec’s solution for highly accurate estimates/projections of fruit yields is based on multispectral machine vision technology. Specially-designed FruitSpec sensor pods are mounted on both sides of the tractor and scan the trees as the tractor moves along the orchard rows during regular activity. Applied computer vision and an AI algorithm automatically count and estimate fruit number and size. The customer (grower, packing house) receives reports regarding precise fruit yield and size distribution at both the individual tree level (lowest resolution) and the overall area scanned (highest resolution).

  • FruitSpec offers fruit packing houses and growers a solution that fits seamlessly into their typical workflow, while enabling them to increase revenues and financial stability.
  • There is no technology available today that provides yield estimation and data on fruit size distribution early in the season — as opposed to solutions for estimations very late in the season.

FruitSpec’s target customers have  said, “I’ve been waiting for this for years. It will change how I manage my business.”

The Team

  • Raviv Kula, CEO: Experienced business and marketing/sales executive; senior positions at Comverse and start-ups SilentCommunication and LiveLens
  • Nir Margalit, CTO: World expert in remote sensing; managed projects building multispectral sensors; geologist and citrus grower
  • Shahar Nitsan, COO: Agronomist, large orchard owner in Israel

Trendlines’ directors: Sarai Kemp, Steve Rhodes

FruitSpec CEO Raviv Kula presents at the Radicle Challenge

FruitSpect CEO Raviv Kula presents at the Radicle Automation Challenge, 26 June 2018, Salinas, California. FruitSpec was one of four finalists in the 2018 Challenge.


Incubated: September 2017
Stage: Technology development
Investor: The Trendlines Group


Background & Market

Today, key business decisions along the fruit value chain – from growers to retailers – are based on yield estimations performed by farmers/workers using a visual “count” from a sampling of a few trees. These estimations are inaccurate and often result in damaging business decisions. With dramatic fluctuations in fruit yield between seasons (from 10% to 100%), and the lack of solutions for accurate fruit estimations, all the players along the fruit chain are losing revenues.

Unripe orange on tree
Bringing accuracy to fruit yield estimation


Raviv Kula, CEO

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