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E.T.View Medical was acquired by Ambu A/S in September 2016.

E.T.View Medical has developed a portfolio of products that provide continuous visualization and ventilation of the airway during surgical procedures.

The Product Portfolio

E.T.View presents a major advance in continuous visualization of the airways during thoracic surgical procedures. The VivaSight™ portfolio products (VivaSight-SL and VivaSight-DL) are fully integrated imaging/ventilation systems that allow continuous airway visualization and ventilation for accurate placement and constant airway control — without any modifications to the standard intubation procedure. VivaSight: The only platform that allows for continuous, real-time management of the airways in the OR, ER, and ICU.

  • VivaSight-SL is a sterile, single-use, single-lumen (SL) airway tube with an integrated high-resolution imaging camera. VivaSight-SL permits continuous real-time images of tube position, bronchial blocker placement, and more. It provides total airway management control during every phase of thoracic surgical procedures requiring lung isolation. Patented VivaSight-SL presents the ideal device for verifying and guaranteeing endobronchial blocker placement and position. Can be used to visualize the vocal cords and trachea and provide continuous observation of the carina.
  • VivaSight-DL is the world’s first sterile, single-use double lumen (DL) airway tube with an integrated high-resolution camera. VivaSight-DL overcomes the placement and positioning challenges of current DLTs. It reduces the need for a bronchoscope during tube placement and subsequent airway monitoring.
  • The VivaSight Endobronchial Blocker (VivaSight-EB) consists of a sterile, single-use, “steerable” balloon-tipped catheter that is guided using video imaging in real time to a selected bronchial segment to affect balloon blockage of the distal airway. It is compatible with ETView’s patented VivaSight-SL and standard fiberoptic bronchoscopes. Also available as the VivaSight Pack, the VivaSight-EB and VivaSight-SL packed together.

VivaSight clearance and certification: FDA, CE (MDD 93/42/EEC), ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003

E.T.View has distribution agreements in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Advantages

  • Provides complete airway visualization during lung isolation
  • Facilitates immediate detection of complications due to blocker displacement caused by patient repositioning; enables the anesthesiologist to avoid complications before they occur
  • Enables airway visualization for surgical team members through the use of optional handheld or surgical suite monitors
  • Incorporates a unique hydrophobic, lipophobic coating that reduces the incidence of obscured vision due to fogging or secretions
  • Possesses an integrated flushing system that allows for rapid and efficient camera lens cleaning in situ

Caution: Federal (US) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner.



Stage: Public company (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) until acquisition by Ambu


During lung isolation procedures, placement of a single-lumen tube (SLT) with a bronchial blocker or a double-lumen tube (DLT) requires the use of a bronchoscope to confirm — and reconfirm — the correct position within the trachea.

Bronchoscopes, susceptible to mechanical damage from handling during normal use (and subsequent expensive repair costs), do not provide continuous visualization and may even obscure the airway when used with an endotracheal tube (ET). Additionally, intraoperative ET displacement, bronchial blocker dislocation, or other adverse airway events may occur unexpectedly, requiring immediate intervention.

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