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Enolog is developing the world’s first autonomous wine fermentation control system. Enolog’s automated system, with real-time data updates and an innovative punch-down mechanism, presents the next stage in wine technology evolution. 

The Enolog Opportunity

The system supports the winemaker’s objective to maximize the potential of any grapes to produce the best possible wine quality by combining advanced technologies with expert enologist know-how.

  • Fermentation is one of the most important factors in determining wine quality. The Enolog system is the first to bring automation and ongoing data analysis to the fermentation process.
  • The modular system is customized to the enologist’s needs, so the art of winemaking remains in the hands of the enologist.
  • Optimal monitoring of tens of tanks is not feasible in large wineries. Enolog’s system enable timely monitoring of large amounts of tanks at a time.
  • Over 27 billion liters of wine are produced every year in more than 400,000 commercial wineries worldwide, with the majority (>80%) produced in the top 10 wine-producing countries.

The Products & Advantages

The Enolog system provides enologists with an advanced tool for maximizing the fermentation process in all the tanks in the winery, in a timely manner. A single robot can control 15-20 tanks.

The Robotic System consists of state-of-the-art sensors providing real-time data (e.g., color, density, oxygen, temperature) on the fermentation status; an innovative punch down mechanism controlled by the sensor readings or at intervals set by the enologist; and modules for controlling the peripheral systems involved in the fermentation process (e.g., cooling, mixing). Readings are analyzed by proprietary algorithms and added to a growing database connected to the cloud (IoT) to provide enologists with analytical data for optimizing fermentation.

Enolog’s systems will enable a winery to —

  • Consistently produce optimal quality wine, thus securing the wine’s price point and increasing its sales in the competitive wine market
  • Lower expenses by (i) reducing the labor and lab resources required to monitor fermentation; (ii) having a single system control multiple tanks
  • Effectively manage the fermentation process in multiple tanks, 24/7, from anywhere (on-site or remotely)

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Alice Roth Enolog

Enolog Technologies CEO Alice Roth

The Team

  • Alice Roth, CEO: Extensive experience in leading teams in software and hardware development, and in international business development; management positions at DVTEL, Amdocs, Verrint, TTI Telecom; B.Sc., mathematics and computer science, Tel Aviv University
  • Elyashiv Drori, Ph.D., Inventor & CTO: Expert enologist; established prize-winning boutique winery; director, Department of Agriculture and Wine, Ariel University; leading researcher, Samaria and Jordan Rift Research and Development Center; Ph.D., plant molecular biology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Stage: Technology development
Founded: January 2015
Investor: The Trendlines Group
In the media: Enolog takes 2nd place in Israeli GITR contest


Fermentation of more than 8,000 liters of red wine (for a boutique winery) using the robotic prototype versus enologist-managed tanks, resulting in over 20% higher color extraction into the wine of the tanks managed by the Enolog system.

Background & Market

With competition and pricing in the wine industry driven mainly by quality, wine producers focus their efforts on improving their products. Wine quality depends greatly on the quality of the grapes — and the production process — with fermentation process control being a major influencing factor.

Today, enologists monitor wine fermentation manually. This poses two challenges:

  1. The inability to monitor numerous tanks in a timely manner and the lack of real-time information on the status of the wine in the tanks limits enologists’ control over the process.
  2. The limited ability to maximize extraction in large tanks using currently available technology (pump-over based) results in less than optimal wine quality.

More than 27 billion liters of wine are produced every year in more than 400,000 commercial wineries worldwide, with the majority (>80%) located in the top 10 wine-producing countries.

Enolog fermenting wine
Enolog's automatic, real-time system optimizes wine quality.


Alice Roth, CEO

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