Elastimed is developing a compression stocking, made from smart materials, that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow. 

There is a clear need in the compression therapy market for increased compliance, which improves treatment and prevents symptoms such as swelling, blood clots, and leg ulcers from returning.

The Elastimed Opportunity

  • $3.3 billion medical compression market
  • Large target market
    • 40% of the global adult population suffer from CVI (impaired functionality of valves in the legs)
    • United States and EU: 790,000 people annually suffer from DVT; in the United States, 3 million people suffer from chronic lymphedema (damage to the lymph nodes often caused by surgery or cancer treatment)
  • Improves compliance
  • Highly effective, easy-to-wear, affordable treatment option
  • Functional prototype of the stocking

Elastimed’s Novel Product

Elastimed is developing a compression stocking, made from smart materials, that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow. Based on proprietary technology that utilizes Electro-Active Polymers (EAPs), Elastimed’s stocking stretches and contracts when stimulated by an electric pulse (generated by a 3V battery).

These unique characteristics, combined with low-cost materials and a high level of control, enable the Elastimed stocking to provide patients with a highly effective, easy-to-wear, and affordable treatment option. Read more about the idea behind the Elastimed stocking.

The Team

ElastiMed CEO Omer Zelka

ElastiMed Founder and CEO Omer Zelka

  • Omer Zelka, Founder and CEO: Extensive experience with electro-active materials; engineer, Intel Corporation; B.Sc., electrical engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Vered Shuster Ben Yosef, Ph.D., R&D Lab Manager: ‪5 years R&D experience with medical device and pharmaceutical companies‬; Ph.D., biotechnology, Teachnion-Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Shai Buber, Executive Board Member: Private investor; former GM (Israel) and SVP, Paradigm (sold to Apax for $1 billion in 2012), and CEO, Odigo (acquired by Comverse for $20 million in 2002); former corporate attorney, Skadden Arps, New York City; LLM, NYU School of Law; LLB, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Tal Shchory, Product Consultant: COO, Calore Medical; former COO and VP R&D, Navotek Medical; MBA, Technion, B.Sc., electrical engineering, Tel Aviv University

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Daniel Clair, M.D.: Chairman, Department of Surgery, Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina School of Medicine; former chairman, Vascular Surgery, Cleveland Clinic
  • Prof. Gal deBotton: Professor, mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering,  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; president, Israel Society for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; former chairperson, Biomedical Engineering Department, Ben-Gurion University; expert in electroactive materials, mechanics of soft tissues, composite materials, and solid mechanics
  • Moshe Halak, M.D.: Director, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Department, Sheba Medical Center
  • Thomas Serena, M.D.: Vascular surgeon; CEO & Founder, SerenaGroup; president-elect, Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC); past president, American Professional Wound Care Association; VP, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Wolfgang Vanschidt, M.D.: Dermatologist; professor, dermatology and phlebology,  owner, Medical Consult Freiburg; CEO, AMED Freiburg; former VP, Department of Dermatology, University of Freiburg

Status & Achievements

Founded: July 2015
Stage: technology development
Investors: The Trendlines Group, Pix Vine Capital, private investor, strategic investor
IP: approved U.S. patent
Achievement: functional prototype

In the Media

Background & Market

Compression Therapy = 60% Noncompliance. Compression therapy is used to treat venous and lymphatic diseases by applying pressure to the lower limbs. Unfortunately, up to 60% of patients discontinue wearing compression stockings due to their tight fit and difficulty in putting them on and taking them off, a task especially problematic for the elderly, obese, and arthritis sufferers.

A much more expensive alternative: pneumatic compression devices. These devices use an inflatable garment (sleeve) to mimic rhythmic calf muscle contractions. Today’s cumbersome garments have noisy compressors and heavy air pumps, which limit patient mobility and cause discomfort.

An Active $3 Billion Market. ElastiMed’s $3.3 billion opportunity is in the medical compression stocking market addressing lymphedema and edema. The market’s 5% CAGR is driven primarily by increasingly large numbers of elderly and diabetic patients, both populations with a high incidence of venous diseases.

It is estimated that about 40% of the global adult population suffer from edema caused by CVI (impaired functionality of valves in the legs). CVI often results from DVT. In the United States and EU, 790,000 people yearly suffer from DVT. In the United States, 3 million people suffer from chronic lymphedema (damage to the lymph nodes often caused by surgery or cancer treatment).

Leading players include BSN Medical, DJO, Medi, Medtronic, Sigvaris, Tactile Medical. 

Now Funding

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Elastimed is now funding. See the presentation (PDF). Send more information about Elastimed.


See the company one-page description in Chinese (PDF).

CEO Omer Zelka presents ElastiMed.
Active compression stocking made from smart materials
ElastiMed's active compression stocking mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow.


Omer Zelka, Founder & CEO

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Easy-to-wear compression stocking made from smart materials

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