Breezy’s oral-hygiene platform can be used to treat a range of problems, including bad breath (halitosis), gum inflammation, dry mouth, and more.

The Product & Advantages

Breezy’s platform technology introduces hard, evenly dispersed microcapsules into a sugar-free confectionery base for a range of applications. The proprietary Breezy microcapsules are filled with safe, all-natural, health-enhancing agents. In lollipop form, the hard microcapsules scrape the tongue to remove food particles and odor-producing bacteria and then dissolve in the mouth to disperse their active compounds into the digestive tract.

Breezy’s product offers numerous advantages in addition to its effectiveness on reducing halitosis and other problems of the mouth.

  • Unique, triple action: microcapsules scrub, mint freshens, active agents combat bacteria
  • Compact “on-the-go” tongue scraper can be used anywhere
  • Fast action with long-lasting effect: more than 4 hours
  • Reduced gag reflex

The platform technology enables additional applications (with different microcapsule ingredients), including dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome, Candida, gum inflammation, mouth ulcers, and tooth decay.

The Team

Shimon Harpaz, Founder, COO: Involved with high-tech companies and international trade for more than 15 years

Status & Achievements

Stage: Revenue
Founded: 2008
Investors: The Trendlines Group, M3 Health Participações Brazil
In the Media: Breezy’s LIKE available on Israeli drugstore shelves (DoctorsBlog)

Achievements: LIKE product launched Q2 2013 in Spain and Q1 2013 in France. (Breezy has received a follow-on order from France.) In June 2013, LIKE appeared in 650 locations of Israel’s largest pharmacy and supermarket chains.

Background & Market

Halitosis (bad breath) is a growing concern in oral hygiene that affects nearly 50% of the adult population (FDI World Dental) and has a negative social impact on sufferers. Primarily caused by anaerobic bacteria that build up at the back of the tongue, halitosis is increased by dry mouth, smoking, medications (chemotherapy), diet, and gum disease. On-the-go products to combat halitosis — including sprays, breath mints, and gum — mask the problem rather than treating the underlying cause.

The global oral hygiene market is $25 billion; $5.3 billion is spent on breath fresheners (gums, mints) and more than $1 billion on OTC halitosis products in the United States alone (, Mintel,

Functional products such as Wrigley’s Orbit gum and on-the-go products such as Colgate’s Wisp and Scope To Go show clear market growth. There is constant demand for new, more effective products, presenting a clear opportunity for Breezy.

Breezy lozenge in different flavors
The Breezy lozenge is available in different flavors.
Breezy lollipop with microgranules
Microcapsules in the Breezy lollipop effectively reduce bad breath and address other oral hygiene problems.


Shimon Harpaz, Founder

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