Cobi Levanon of BioFishency

Cobi Levanon, CEO of BioFishency

The Need

Around the world, the demand for fish is increasing while the supply from the sea and natural fisheries is reaching its limits. Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms for profit, is becoming an increasingly important source of animal protein — and the only way to meet this growing demand.

Yet, with the limited availability of land and water, aquaculture requires intensification, producing more fish per unit of area and water, which depends on water treatment technologies. Simple systems available are limited; effective systems are complex and very expensive.

Most aquaculture production still takes place in developing countries, in extensive growing systems such as (land) ponds and reservoirs. Only simple-to-operate, affordable systems will bring aquaculture production to the level required to feed the growing population.

The Product

The BioFishency aquaculture system at the Company's pilot farm.

The BioFishency aquaculture system operating at the Company’s pilot farm.

BioFishency is developing a cost-effective, all-in-one water treatment system for land-based aquaculture. The system operates with all different aquaculture methods: extensive (land ponds), intensive (constructed ponds), and recirculated. It enables fish farms to double or triple production while continuing to use installed infrastructure.

BioFishency overcomes the two key aquaculture challenges: limited water availability and buildup of toxic ammonia (excreted by the fish). It enhances the water conditions to increase the ability of the fish to survive, grow, and reproduce.

With BioFishency’s system, farmers increase fish production with minimal investment, significantly increasing profitability and sustainability.

After more than a year of testing at the Company’s pilot farm, the BioFishency system increased yields by a factor of 2.5 times while reducing water consumption by 85%.

The Advantages

  • Relatively low-energy consumption
  • Dramatic savings in water use
  • Small footprint, low maintenance
  • Movable (can be transferred from pond to pond)
  • Plug-and-play installation, no special infrastructure required

The Team

  • Cobi Levanon, CEO:  18 years in aquaculture in Israel and abroad; consultant and project manager for fish farms and industrialization of aquaculture, independently and through Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture
  • Igal Magen, CTO: More than 13 years of experience in aquaculture in Israel and abroad; consultant and project manager for projects in Africa; former head, Aquaculture Division, Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture
  • Eli Gertler, Chairman: 25+ years in agribusiness projects with a focus on Africa and developing countries; founder of several agribusiness companies

The Market

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing sector in animal protein production: 66.5 million tons worldwide with a market value of $135 billion in 2012 (Transparency Market Research).

BioFishency will target brackish and freshwater fish production segment, 56% of the world’s aquaculture fish production by volume, focusing on China (largest market), Bangladesh/India, and Nigeria, which are both fast-growing markets.



All-in-one water treatment system for aquaculture

At a Glance

AgriVest 2015 Best Company Award 2nd Place 

Stage: Revenue
Founded: March 2013
Investor: The Trendlines Group
IP: Applications in process


Completing successful beta site in Israel; in discussions with large players for joint projects

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Cobi Levanon, CEO
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