Ayzer Sense

Ayzer Sense is developing a low-cost, Smart Automated Body-Pressure Redistributor (SABPR) to prevent the development of pressure ulcers (pressure sores).

The Product

Ayzer Sense’s SABPR comprises a specialized mattress overlay designed to sense body-pressure, map high-pressure regions, and intelligently redistribute the underlying body support to reduce pressure in high-pressure regions. This ensures that blood circulation remains adequate across all parts of the body to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers.

The Team

  • Johnny Chee, CTO: More than 40 years of R&D experience and 20 years in biomedical engineering
  • Alan Goh, mechanical engineer: more than 4 years of product development experience

Trendlines’ director: Todd Dollinger


Founded: May 2018
Stage: Technology development
Investors: Trendlines Medical Singapore
IP: Provisional patent application, PCT pending

Background & Market

Pressure ulcers (also called pressure sores) develop when high pressure (>32 mmHg) reduces blood circulation in a tissue for a prolonged period.

More than 2.5 million individuals in the United States develop pressure ulcers annually. These ulcers cause a sequential decline in health status, and in serious cases, death.

Current treatment solutions are not entirely effective in preventing or eliminating the formation of pressure sores. Existing methods are —

  • either labor intensive (requiring nurses/aides/caregivers to rotate or reposition patients at regular intervals),
  • or ineffective (using pressure relief or alternating-pressure mattresses that results in unnecessary pressure applied all along the body, including areas that are prone to pressure ulcers, further aggravating the condition of those patients who have existing pressure ulcers).

Competitors providing mattress solutions include Hill-Rom, Stryker, and Wellsense. Their solutions, however, do not have pressure-sensing capabilities that are able to provide “smart relief” in high-pressure zones.

The Ayzer Sense SABPR targets an addressable global market of 9 million beds, which Ayzer Sense estimates at $2.7 billion.

Low-cost "redistributor" prevents the development of pressure sores


Johnny Chee, CTO

Preventing the development of pressure ulcers

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