AquiNovo is developing proprietary materials to enhance the growth of farmed fish.

The AquiNovo Opportunity

Aquaculture production is expanding rapidly as marine sources are depleted and fish consumption increases. To meet the growing demand for fish protein, the aquaculture industry needs sustainable solutions that increase fish yields while using existing resources and infrastructures.

The AquiNovo technology —

  • increases fish weight, reduces costs, and helps protect the environment
  • demonstrated an over 30% increase in the average weight of tilapia in lab experiments conducted over a period parallel to a single growing season

The Product & Advantages

AquiNovo’s proprietary materials will be incorporated into feed and given to fish during a defined time period using standard feeding procedures. The technology provides non-GM, non-hormonal products for enhancing fish growth.

AquiNovo for Growers

  • Shortens time to optimal market weight
  • Reduces total production costs
  • Offers potential for more growth cycles to increase yield and revenues

AquiNovo for the Environment

  • May help prevent reproduction of escapees in the wild
  • Has the potential to eliminate or reduce the use of male hormones in tilapia farming

The Founding Team

Nissim Chen, AquiNovo

AquiNovo CEO Nissim Chen, Ph.D.

  • Nissim Chen, PhD, MBA, CEO & Founder: Over 15 years’ experience in technology commercialization and international business development in biotech and agribio; former VP Business Development, FuturaGene Group; Director of Business Development, Ramot, Tel Aviv University Technology Transfer Company; PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MBA, Tel Aviv University
  • Berta Levavi-Sivan, PhD, Adviser: Professor, Hebrew University Department of Animal Sciences; world-renowned specialist in fish reproduction; research focused on endocrine axis that leads to fish reproduction; 91 publications; 2 patents; PhD, MSc, zoology; BSc, life sciences, all from Tel Aviv University; Kaye Award winner
  • Chaim Gilon, Adviser: Professor Emeritus, Hebrew University Faculty of Science; world-renowned expert in organic chemistry; research focused on molecular mechanism of memory, development of technologies for conversion of bioactive peptides and active regions in proteins into drugs, and signal transduction therapy; co-founder and consultant to biotech companies; 270 peer-reviewed publications; 40 patents; PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Trendlines’ directors: Nitza Kardish, Steve Rhodes


Founded: October 2015
Stage: Technology development
Investors: The Trendlines Group
IP: Applications filed worldwide

In the Media

Background & Market

With feed comprising up to 50% of growers’ operating expenses, the goal of reaching maximum fish weight while reducing production costs remains a key challenge. AquiNovo’s technology addresses this challenge by enhancing growth, thus reducing time to marketing and increasing overall fish production efficiency.

AquiNovo’s first products will be developed for tilapia, a high-demand market with an expected 8.5 million tons farmed at year of launch; and salmon, a high-value market with an expected 6.4 million tons farmed at launch.

Now Funding

Now Funding Agtech icon

AquiNovo is now funding.

See the presentation (PDF). Send more information about AquiNovo.


Size comparison of fish without and with AquiNovo material
Comparison of lab trial results with AquiNovo material

See the company 1-page description in Chinese (PDF).

AquiNovo ppt cover Chinese
See the company presentation (English PDF). See the company presentation in Chinese (PDF).

CEO Nissim Chen appears on Israel Daily TV (March 2016).

CEO Nissim Chen presents at the Trendlines Showcase (January 2016).


Nissim Chen, Ph.D., CEO


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