Nitza Kardish Weighs in on the Future of Food in Forbes

Editor’s note: Nitza Kardish, CEO Trendlines Agtech was quoted in Forbes, November 13, 2015. Article originally appeared in Hebrew.

Foods of the Future: What Will We Be Eating?

By Avi Gertzman, Forbes Israel, translation by Noam Privak.

Ever wonder what people will be eating 35 years from now? Experts say the diet of 2050 will revolve less around meat and more around bugs. What’s more? NASA -inspired superfood bars, 3D printed custom-designed menus and plenty of kale.

Three decades from now, will we still sit down to a table with family and friends, enjoying all the same sights and smells as we do now,  or should we expect something completely different? Will overpopulation and resource depletion force us to make drastic changes in our diet? Will veganism be the lifestyle of a dedicated minority or the obvious choice for an uncertain future?

Although there may be enough food to go around in the West, experts say the realities of agriculture and economics will convince more of us to become vegetarians or vegans. “As the price of raising livestock goes up, we’ll eat less beef and more fish,” says Professor Sheenan Harpaz of the Volcani Center in Beit Dagan, Israel.


The Insect Option


Our future food?

Food experts are all but certain that we’ll soon be forced to find substitutes for our limited sources of animal protein. The solution, it turns out, is right under our noses and is already a familiar staple in parts of the developing world: bugs.

“Is eating grasshoppers more disgusting than eating a cow?” asks Dr. Nitza Kardish, CEO of Trendlines Agtech. “After all, we don’t think of a cow when we eat a steak, and we don’t see a chicken when we eat schnitzel – it’s just a matter of perception.”

Read the full article in Forbes.


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