Nitza Kardish Interviewed in Water & Irrigation

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Hebrew.

“Earth, a Finite Resource, Is Running Out”

Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish

“Earth was given to us to maintain and cultivate. We must ask ourselves: Is this what we are really doing?”

So says Dr. Nitza Kardish, CEO of Trendlines Incubators Israel, stands at the forefront of agricultural technology development in Israel and is trying to address the question of how to produce more and destroy less.

With patience and boundless enthusiasm, from her office in the Misgav Industrial Park in the heart of the green Galilean landscape, Dr. Nitza Kardish, runs the technology incubators Trendlines Medical and Trendlines Agtech — and leads the process of change.

“The Bible says that Earth was given to us to maintain and cultivate. We need to ask ourselves all the time: Is this what we are really doing? Man sits today at an apex of the pyramid [shaped] ecosystem and rules in a fairly aggressive manner.

In the 1950s, for example, humanity was in a state of global hunger. The solution that was implemented was to exploit the chemicals that were developed during World War II and use them for the destruction of pests and insects, which allowed massive growth of crops. It did, indeed, solve the immediate problem, but led to a series of other problems in the long run.

We have to live constantly along the ‘fragile edge,’ balancing between the growing need for increasing productivity per unit of land, energy, and water and the need to ensure that these resources remain available to us and to all life on Earth in the future.”

Read the full article on Water & Irrigation (Hebrew).

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